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Clinics in Oregon


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I live in southern oregon

and im looking for the best clinics or doctors
to go see about getting my card

any help would be great.


Stoney Girl

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Voter Power hosts a clinic in Medford:

1708 W. Main, Suite B.
Medford, OR. 97501
Phone: 541-245-6634

and one in Sutherlin:
150 Myrtle St.
Sutherlin, OR. 97479

I can post all of the current clinics here if you like. We will be hosting the Ultimate Grow Class on our Lets Get Growing tour 2008 schedule by Stoney Girl Gardens. You are invited to these events.

There is much going on here in Oregon with the proposed Dispensery initiative and the Constitutional initiative. We have much to talk about. Any interest here?

Stoney Girl Gardens is a support network for all Oregon MMJ clinics, groups and patients. We have been working with most of these groups since the Oregon MMJ went into affect. See more at Welcome to Stoney Girl Gardens. We are breeders and supply cuttings and seeds to qualified OMMP candidates. We are the creators of Pit Bull, Berkely Blues, and many more.

We would love to tell you more about us if this is correct and ok with the mods. This is our first posting, but we have much information to share and plan on being involved here. Our mission is to assist MMJ patients and thier support networks. Can we post our info under the Dispensery section? We have Seed and Cutting Catalogs available of our last 12 years of breeding work that have twice won the Oregon Medical Cannibis Awards and featured as the Pic of the Crop in High Times. We are releasing our new catalog on 4-20. We share our victories with other qualified medical patients and groups.

Peace and Love
Stoney Girl

Mr. Mustard

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Hello Friends

Happy to be part of this community and hope to find many friends.

We are starting a medical marijuana clinic in Jackson County, Oregon and are looking for doctors who will work with us.

Does anyone know some?
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Patients Helping Patients Is a New Clinic that signs cards, provided current medical records and a 2 year history.
Our purpose is to give the patient a complete service from start to finish in a way that assists them with knowledge and resources so they can be a successful OMMP patient.Thank you for your support.

E-mail For Clinic dates.
We are Located in Medford Or
531 Parsons Suite 130


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I am new to the Corvallis area. Can anyone recommend a doctor close to me? I would really like to get my OMMP card.

Just legalize it already!


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February 21, 2011 Clinic Accepting all Patients (New & Renewals)
We Have the Best Rates a Modern Facility and Professional Staff.
We Invite you to Call or come by 531 Parsons St. suite 103
we thank you for your support.
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