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Clone from known female, hermied?


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Hey all,
Have a question.. rooted a clone from one of my mothers, was vegging it while it was topped and stress trained, moved it to flowering room about a week ago, today I noticed some pollen sacs around the top nodes. Wondering if it hermied from the LST/topping. Only other thing I can think of is that, I had to shut the lights off during the "day" time yesterday, for about 2 hrs. My light cycles are always consistant, 730-730 for 12/12, never have changed the times.
I have grown this strain before, with much less LST and didnt have any problems. My question would be, is this strain worth continuing? is this tendency going to make this strain not worth my while? I live in a non med state, only decent beans I come across are the rare freak seeds, which I believe are fem'd or very likely hermie, since there isnt that male gene. I'm probably wrong.
Anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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I just noticed them forming this morning, so I'm not putting my crop at risk yet. Think I'll wait and see how they look over the next couple days just to confirm.

Have two other strains producing clones, kush and an unknown, I will probabaly end up just ditching this one and working with the others or maybe some new stuff.

With the exception of the light break yesterday, everything should be pretty much the same, so obviously this strain is more finicky than I had thought, and probably not worth it. When I grew it before, It was topped and didnt have a problem.

I completely forgot to mention some info that might come into play here, but idk. This strain was saved off of a budding plant, it took forever to root (cause of its additional revert to veg). Seem to remember reading when I was researching the topic of cloning and revegging simutaneously, that it could cause hermie problems down the line, cant seem to find it now. anyone ever hear of that?

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Im sure you know what your doing, but I thought my girl was named pat untill I gave her time. if you can wait and see. I paniced and for not. then again its my first real grow. hope im right and your not.:goodluck:


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Thanks for the feedback, guys. Going to wait it out, but when/if it does grow sacs, I'm def done with the strain. It's too bad, the pheno gets bright pink hairs about 3 weeks into flower, but the search for the holy grail strain continues.

Have a king kush mother going (bubba kushxmaster kush (or hindu cant remember now)), had only one seed, and though it grows really short and bushy, shows a lot less vigor than I like to see.

Also have nice a nice pheno from another strain, It responds really well to LST, is crazy vigorous, and shows its sex almost immediately in VEG, which is kinda weird. going to work with it, assuming theirs no ruderalis in it.

I dont really know much about strain/pheno selection for extended grows or anything. Had considered ordering from GHS or one of the big ones, but from what I've read, their beans aren't exactly stable. and no IBL's, i dont think. any info on a reliable bank?
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