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Clone King cloner


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I have a Cone King clone system that I need to try and get going. Anyone have info on it or others like it. It is a misting type cloner. I have great success cloning the way I am now. I don't want to change I need to. I can only take 6 clones with what I use with success. That is fine for selfing projects. Anymore then 6 and I need to make changes. I bought this high dollar cloner and now use a 2.99 Walmart tote. I want at least 2 clones from all 4 of my Headband plants. That is way more then I have room for. Now I am left with a choice. Put this high dollar misting type cloner I already bought to work or go back to Walmart and buy a 4.99 tote that is big enough for more clones
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