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Clone problems


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I took some cuttings from a purple haze plant today, put them under a dome and put them in a window. That was about three hours ago and now they are all slumped over. Is this normal or am I going to have to try again. BTW, it is pretty hot here (102 F) but they were in a window inside.


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Hi Crookedfinger, thought I'd add my 2 cents :1:

It's not unusual for cuttings to wilt a little directly after the move to becoming a clone. Hell, if a part of me got cut off it would wilt, too!! :yikes:

I've found this can be easily avoided by doing the following:

1. Prepare your cloning environment 24 hours in advance -
~ have temperature, humidity, plugs, lighting, etc., at the proper levels.

2. Have all your 'tools'; scalpel/scissors, cloning gel, etc., clean & set out where you'll be using them.

3. Spend as little time as possible from cut to plug. The quicker the time, the less stress on the cutting.

4. During the first 10-14 days, as Stilletto said, "Keep them moist..."! This is very important! Until roots begin to form the cuttings get moisture thru the leaves so spraying/misting them a few times a day is essential.

Hope this helps...good luck! ~Ginny
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