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Clone question

stoned snake

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clone qustin
ok iv got 2 healthy plants growing now in a cabinet light is 24/7 they look pretty good to me bout 2 feet tall still in veg
now iv never cloned but i undrestand the concept so i got and but this take root stuff i guess its a rooting hormone in a powder form im going to use just normal potting soil for the clones i hope thats allright if not tall me my bigest question is what part do i cut off? like do i just trim 1 leaf with its small branch where it meets the stem or do i take a secendary stem with a couple of leaves on it if so where do i cut it?
ps im short on money so it would be good to use nething cheap if i need it

ps im so sorry bout posting so much but i absolutley have to clone soon cause im moving the plants
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