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clones and there mother plant. cfl grow box


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Ok got my shit together a bit here.

Still have those two snow buds from dutch passion going. ( gonna flower them asap)

Been taking clones and didnt really do it right. It was on a whim.
well 2 weeks later there still alive....

So i used a old sub box. I have since put up white backing...

If these clones look like they will take i will continue..

Dutch passion snow bud
30 watt cfls. Plan on adding as many as i can fit in there.
Didnt have any clean soil soi used this violet grow soil. All natural pretty nland i think
plan onna scrog if i can do it..

So here we are.. i have gotten this far. Can you help?

Thank you

Granny Evie

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I clone in water and grow hydro, just stopped by. One thing I noticed, your snow bud, I recently learned about Christmas Tree vs. Candelabra. You can manipulate your plants to have more bud/branches, gives higher yield. I heard about 'Fimming', very interesting story. Basically, you need to pinch off some tips and encourage more growing area. Happy Growing! :peace:
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