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Clones In Bloom 5th Day. Question About Watering?

Rocky Balboa

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Right now I am watering my white shark plants 30 mins at a time 3 times daily. Its hard for me to tell if its too much. I find at the last watering cycle before lights off the plants droop their leaves abit. Does that mean they are being over watered? The rockwool cube is abit wet but not too much. Everything else seems fine besides a few leaves have yellowed abit.

Please leave some comments or suggestions. Thanks



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oH HydroDudes ..

nobody up yet.... must be nice.

I'm a dirtDude but try Not to water before Lights out.
would think you would want to but not nearly as much as lights on.

Darlin's will relax in dark,
not search for the light since there ain't none.
droop how bad ... there ain't no schedules for waterin', sprayin 'er floodin' Hydro around here?
or somewhere online?
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