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Clones on 12/12?


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I was thinking, I know it's recommmend to do a 12/12 grow with seed, but let's say the only thing you have is clones, should you just do the reg. 18/6 then to 12/12 routine, or can you get the same yield with clones as you can with seed on a stright 12/12 grow? Thanks :allgood:

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You can do 12/12 with clones. I would think yield you be about the same (with like strains) since you are looking at one main cola.

The only thing I would worry about is overall uniformity if you put them under mesh.
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The clones should be rooted into the medium before flipping the switch. As long as they are rooted they are good to go. You might need to train a little for a single cola by cutting all side growth shortly after flipping the switch.
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