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clones slow growing


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Big buddha cheese strain
Not sure inica or sativa %
4 plants
In veg
One week from transplant
Coco hand watered
1 x 400w MH lamp
6" fan cooled
28-30°C day down to 20 night
50-70% RH
No pests
Once watered
No ferts as yet
1.2m x 0.8m grow tent

hi guys,
im having a reoccuring problem with virtually anything i try to grow in my tent. I burned through ao many seeds/seedling/clones its hard to remember them all. I read voraciously before starting out but i have only managed to take 3 plants to finish (one was an auto and all where in soil). Everything i have tried in coco has succumbed to what is appearing to happen to my current crop.

When i picked up the clones they where in small 3" pots fully rooted and in good shape. When i got them home i repotted in 8" pots sitting in trays and then watered the following day (allowing run off). So i have now had them in the tent for over a week and the original water hasnt even been taken up yet and the plants have started showing the same signs of illness all my previous failures have displayed. Light green leaves, deep red petioles, no growth. I know if it carries on they will eventually shrivel up like the rest of them. My water is ph'd and allowed to dissapate any chlorine and my ppm runoff is around 300 as the coco has nitrogen pre added (could this be the issue?)

Anyway guys i would love if you could help me out as i didnt want to flush when the water from last week is still in the pots. Was hoping to let that evaporate then flush. Ticks me off because i tried so hard getting everything right and nothing seems to grow for me. A good friend of mine grows lush monsters in a bigger tent but he never phs his water or leaves it out to evap the chlorine. Kind of feel lile giving it up but i would love to grow my own weed for me and my buddied

oh btw i checked the roots and they are nice and white and coming out of the bottom of the new pots so i know they aint a problem. Could it be i gave them too much water at the start? Thanks guys i always appreciate the advice

David Bowman

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While I've no experience with coco coir per se, just by looking at the plants it appears that they are in need of nutrients and are showing multiple deficiencies, Nitrogen most notably and possibly Calcium and/or Magnesium as coco coir is known for requiring a cal/mag supplement. Although I'm not sure this holds true with coco coir, cannabis does not like to have its feet wet when grown in a soil/soilless medium. You might want to consider dumping the runoff shortly after you've completed watering.


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Sounds like good advice colorado cheers. Should i flush then water with nutes you think? My nutrients are metrop but i havent used them yet as the coco has added nitro. Maybe i should add some calmag also. Damn its so tough. As i said my buddy just drops his clones (same supplier as me) into coco and waters with plain tap water with nutes and never has issues. Illl try what your saying man thanks

David Bowman

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I don't see any need to flush since you haven't given them anything but water. Start out your nutrients slowly, say 1/4 to 1/2 strength and see how they react. A sudden large infusion of food could shock them so be gentle. Your buddy's nutrients may already include cal/mag, it's hard to say why there is a difference between your grows without more information.


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You should also water everything the day you do the transplanting. Also when buying the clones you should talk to the place you get them and ask them how much nutrients if any they have been getting. Nitrogen is only one of many nutrients a plant needs to be healthy, so having nitrogen infused coco coir is not going to be enough to maintain your plants. I have not grown in coco coir either but have read you need something in the coco coir to help balance the PH. Try doing a search for PH balancing coco coir or something along those lines.
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