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Clones wilting


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I am a first time grower and these are my first clones.

I cut my first clone 3 days ago, after making the initial cut I immediately put the clipping into PH 6 water and made the final 45° cut underwater, then placing it in root tech Gel and clipping the fan leaves to promote root growth.

it was looking good through day 2 but in day three they are drooping. I originally had them in separate cups until they started wilting then I moved them to prop dome, misted well under 150 watt cfl that is about 1.5-2 feet away.

Clone day 1

This is where I cut from, leaving a node (irrelevant I know, but just trying to give as much info as possible)

Day 3 drooping

Moved to propagation dome


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Clones day 4

This morning they were looking the same but this evening 2 of three are starting to pick their heads up =)


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i agree with dutty ....yes normal , they will bounce back

Day 7 thanks for the input, here's a day 7 pic, I trimmed off the lower, larger branches after taking this pic as it seemed that they were struggling to hold then selves up with the extra weight.

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