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Clones with yellowing leaves


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These clones were cloned in rock wool, rooted for about 12 days then transplanted to soil with 1/4 cup per gallon of dolomite lime and 1/2 cup per gallon of Mexican bat guano. They have been vegging under 5x2' T5HO for about two weeks. I have watered once with clear water and once with 1/2 strength nutes (Grow Big). Any help would be much appreciated.



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Just planted 4 of the 18 clones I took (all of them survived?!) from my plants before I put them into flower. I mixed the soil FFOF with 1/4 cup per gallon of dolomite lime, 1/2 cup per gallon of mexican bat guano. I planted the clones in their rockwool cubes with about 1/4 inch of soil over the cube. The I soaked the soil with a solution of mycogrow, superthrive (1 drop/gal), FF Grow big (1Tbl/gal), 1/4tsp total EJ pH up. The bucket pH was 6.5 at 1020ppm (with the pH up).

This is exactly what was done to them when the were xplanted.


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I've used it before my friend ,used LOTS of it, never had probs.
Maybe something in the bat guano was too much? Theres more bat poop than powder.
Poor drainage? Looks like no drainage. Thats the thing with big pots you cant tell when they're thirsty.
I'd get a fan on them and that floro as close as you can, brushing them


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Well smart pots are made of cloth, so drainage should not be a problem, the bat poop, maybe I dunno but you would think that would cause nute burn or nitrogen toxicity. They have a fan on them, the flouro is as close as I would like to put it. I had some t5's in with my bigger plants and when the light was touching them they got burnt.


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I've never used smart pots or even T5's.
But it looks like your pots dry from outside in? Roots go for the water first before nutes. In my experiences MJ needs a very good wet/dry cycle. In hard plastic the soil dries from top down, forcing the roots out and down to look for water. I move my pot according to size of plant, this year 1" prop. tray, 3"(beercup), 6"(2L)
Nute Burn? Tips and edges look burnt. There is already nutes in the soil at first. I didn't fert until they looked like a strong plant.
Look at my journal.
I already have 11 cuttings off 3 mothers. You should be way ahead of me.


Zinc, Manganese, Calcium? No idea for sure whats going on here.

Either a zinc or magnese defficiency.


Pic 1 is a zinc defficient plant.
Pic 2 is a magnese defficient plant.


(good luck).
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