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Clones wont root


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I am useing a rooting power for my clones and they were originally in rock wool cubes for 14 days and they showed no sings of roots so i built a little bubble cloner with air stones in it and transfered it to that, its been there in the cloner for about 7 days now and its still green and looks healthy from the top but underneath they do not seem to be rooting and a few have brownish stems, i think that might be from the cloning powder though. Anyways any help would be much appreciated because i cant clone anymore due to the fact that there mother has been in flowering for a month already =/


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Re: Clones wont root.

Time and patience! They are in a dome? Are the getting a little bit of light? Are they cut exactly on a node? Do they have too much leafage/is it too large a cutting?

The systems your describing should work 90+% of the time. Cuttings should be 2-4 nodes with approx 1 & 1/2 leaves - 2 & 1/2leaves. Cut made with a sterile blade and made at 45degree angle (/) for surface area. Root gelled and put into the system right away. Trim away excess leafage to get desired amount of leaf space. Keep moist (in a dome) and 7-14 days later you should have roots. Dont check all the time it doesn't help! If you notice dry medium, water lightly, if you notice dry dome, spray lightly. If rotting or dead, toss. Expect limpness and not looking great.

hope that helps!
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