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Im getting some ak47 clones im new to growing I would like to know if any of u have growen this strand before please let me know how tall those it grow at what height to flower it yield wise Im going to grow it in soil and indoors what soil u recommend also I have 2 1000 watt ballast will this be enough for 21 plants


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I replied to another thread you created with the same question.

Answer was yes its sounds like enough light and space for your plants. If the clones are rooted and growing I would start adding nutes at low strength and work up.

As far as that strain, I have not grown. But from experience I would allow for your plant to triple in height once it goes to flowering if its Indica dominant or quadruple in height or more if it is sativa dominant. Height can easily be managed though if you LST (train) the plant by tying down that taller branches. and forcing the lower inner branches to grow. This gives you a bushier plant and more even distribution of dense buds.
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