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Cloning/pollinating questions

Sir Budlovski

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Hey everybody ive just been having a few thoughts to myself and did some reading and still havnt found my answer.
So my questions are:
-i have just one seed of an auto-flower, i read cloning a fem auto doesnt work well cause of the aging but can i clone a feminized auto-flower, then pollinate the auto-flower for seeds?
-if i use pollen from a hermi clone of a different regular plant which has turned hermi, would it take out part of or all of the auto-flowering trait out of the next seeds?
They are both good strains i just didnt realize one was auto-flower. Not even sure if their bred genetics would be good but will be interesting.

Thanks in advance for feedback :thumb:


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You can treat some buds with colloidal silver and pollinate the others. You will have feminized seeds of that plant.


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you cant clone an autoflower best you can do is both what Buck or KJC said
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