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Cloning Question


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SUP ??

The branches on my plants seem to be really long 6 or 8 inches with a couple sets of leaves at the end and one othere set about halfway up from the main stem. The set halfway up does not alternate. They are almost opposite each other. (i don't know if this is making sense).

My question is this:
I always see photos and explanations of cloning where you cut between 2 nodes and then cut off the lowest node of your cutting to root from. If the 2 nodes are strait across from each other, can I slice them both off and root it?

Can I root from a stem without having a node to cut off if I scrape the outerlayer?

Difficult to explain and it takes so long for photos to get approved.




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I think I figured something out.

Do I need to wait at least 60 days from seed before cloning? THat may be why I don't have the leaf and branch structure I see in all the photos on cloning.

I am at 55 days today. Am I wanting to clone to soon?



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No you don’t have to wait that long to take clones, I took clones on my new baby’s at about 4 weeks. But im not that experienced at cloning so I have been just doing it for practice and sexing the new little plants


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Everything I read or see says to cut a clone between 2 nodes.

Has nayone ever seen a plant that every branches nodes are opposite each other verses staggered. I cannot cut a clone beteen nodes because there is no between to cut. LOL........LOL Boy does that sound dumb.

Can you clone by cutting mid branch and shaving the the outer layer?


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damn you got me confused now ...

Oh I think I under stand, short indica,
damn that would be tough if the nodes were that tight/close.
Give 'em a bit and see if they open up.

You need nodes, trimmed/bare naked nodes to put in the dirt/rookwool,
I have cut some weird cuts and got them to root
and I never use any thing but dirt and water.

Oh and make sure all the naked nodes Do get Covered.
Or they will suck air and wilt.
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Can this branch be cloned ????????? Would you cut it right below the lower set of leaves? The lower set is the first set from the main stalk.
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