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Cloning Questions


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OK - so I am almost 2 months into my first ever grow. The girls are doing quite well despite all my mistakes. I have kept my two oldest at 18/6 lighting because I read that I needed to wait at least two months before trying to clone...

It is finally time. Now I have been reading everything I can about cloning and I bought a small cloner thing with an air pump. My question is - do I have to cut the limb at the main stock? This is what I have read, but she has several lower limbs that are VERY long - I would say 18 to 24 inches. Each of these limbs have several flowering type tip on them. Do I just take 4-5 inches with a tip? Can I take more than one tip from the same branch? Which is least stressful for my plant?

All advise appreciated.

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Any of the branches will work. It can be one top or the entire branch. You want them to be large enough that they're somewhat firm, but not the older, woody growth. What I would do is take the tops of the tallest branches, that will help even out the height and give you a few more tops. I can't answer which is less stressful (I would assume a larger branch is more stressful - would you rather lose a pinky finger or an arm? lol), all I can tell you is that plants adapt to stress just fine in veg, and I wouldn't worry about it.

I read somewhere that either higher or lower branches are more likely to take root. I don't remember which it was, and I've had success with both.


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Apparently higher branches work slightly better though I haven't noticed much difference. Grab a cutting about 1/8" thick with 3 or four nodes on it. Cut it about 1" below the lowest node.


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You can take cuttings from just about anywhere.

My advice is take cuttings around 6"in length and just nodes so you will get new clones grow back after you take them. I do have cloning guide in one of my journals if you want to look through. Im not sure which, i think 4th link down in my signature.

Make clean cuts with a sharp blade and place immediately into water. Then apply cloning gel if you are using it but its not essential. Then place in your medium. i like rock wool and root riot cubes or aerocloning.

Heres some pics of some clones for reference.








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