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cloning soil vs hydro?


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Hey guys, just figured id start a new tread to hear others input on their methods. I currently clone with a botanicare daisy cloner and its awesome. The only problem is i already got out of aero and hydroponics and i wanted to do the same for cloning. What steps would i really have to consider taking before i jumped into the process.... any suggestions


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5~7 days that's awesome would u mind if I asked what temp u run ur water and use for root developer. I use clonex and just follow directions. Last time it took like 10 days and lost 12 of the 60. But in soil about 10 days to see roots wrapping the cup and didn't loose 1. That was with the gel stuff and benneficial tea


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I dont use any developer as it washes off pretty fast in an aero cloner. I set my sparyers on a timer and run 15 on 15 off. Temps always under 72. I put a little food in the tank (~150ppm) and z7 but the thats it besides being ph adjusted! Jack is also a really fast rooting strain. The pheno I grown in particular.
I used this stuff by cutting edge solutions a while ago and it worked good. It was called g-rex. A little spendy. Roots excelurattor is another one I used to put in my cloner.
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