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Cloning The Marijuana Plant


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Cloning The Marijuana Plant

Cloning is any easy method of reproducing the same strain of marijuana. It is an unsexed method of reproduction, done by using the mother plant instead of planting seeds. This speeds up the grow time, as clones are fairly large and are transplanted, instead of being grown out from seed.

All plants grown from clones will be identical to the plant they are taken from, so be sure to choose the best, sturdiest mother plant to cut clones from. Be sure that the marijuana plant you are cloning from has no pests, fungus, or disease, as this will infect the clones as well.

The best clones are taken from the bottom third of the plant. This is done because the leaves are larger and stronger, and by removing the bottom leaves more light and air can get to the lower part of the plant, making more budsites and giving a higher yield.

To cut clones, pick a plant that has been in the vegetative stage for at least 6 - 8 weeks. Choose the branches that are at least 4" - 6" long, with the fullest leaves and the thickest stems. Cut the clones (branches) close to the node. Cut them again using a very clean or sterilized razor or sharp knife, making a diagonal cut along the bottom 2" of the stem. This diagonal cut ensures good rooting along the cut stem. Dip them into rooting hormone and place them in the medium in the cloning trays.

The medium can be of your choice - water or soil, rockwool, perlite or coco coir. Rooting hormone can be anything from boiled willow bark, to a dissolved aspirin, to the more expensive powder, liquid, or gel form. A clone tray can be anything from one made from any divided tray with a high top, to a professional cloning set - up. A cover is essential, as the high humidity inside the tray promotes growth.

Clones need to be kept in a warm, humid environment in order to root successfully and develop well. The stem must be kept moist in order to survive. Lighting can be moderate - a cfl in a desk lamp or cool white fluorescent light is very effective for stimulating clone growth. These lights can be placed very close to the cloning tray, to keep the clones from stretching.

With care and attention, the clones will develop a root system in 2 - 4 weeks, and will be ready for transplant into soil or hydro.
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