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1. Rooting pucks, slabs, whatever company (some are popular).
2. Rooting Gel (powder is ok too) both optional
3. With pH test strips, check the pH of your pucks slabs, plugs whatever you're using, most of them come at pH 5 and need a bump
4. Choose to assimilate with either the straight cut or angled
5. Take a cutting, quickly dip in gel to seal all the open cellular pockets that are waiting for air pockets
6. Cuttings go in your pucks, plugs, things that have been adjusted
7. Humidity, make sure it's constant, if you drop humidity drastically it promotes bugs and pests
8. Be patient. Make sure your cutting has a nice enough root system before you transplant.
9. Before transplanting research when is best optimal time and temperature and RH to transplant
10. Things that could help early rooting

- Add a bit of rooting gel to your soil
- Amonium phosphate helps root growth during the first couple weeks
- Kelp meal (even with seed germination)
- B Vitamins - Look them up and decide if and what type you want to give your plants
- Keep the nutrients minimal until first true set of leaves appear (Just Vitamins and kelp)
- Roots love air temps of 68-75*F
- Keep away from bottled water and tap water as they are high in salt contents (If you must, filter with water filter)



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have a look at the pic this works best for me and only takes two weeks the room has to had good humility a little root stem food in the water your good to go ooo see the bubbler that key put a lot of air in the water

and the clones are monster crop clones taken from flower 3 weeks in