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Closet Grow With QB


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Ooòoo more auto octopots... May I say greenthumb.. you didn't need to extend the net pots. So long as you bring your water level up to the half way mark around the netpot...

You may want to pop over to my journal and have a rmflick through on pages 3 to 6 roughly. That's where I was building my own... again I'd like to just add that a dark pot is better. I've used a see through pot and after 2months I got some creepys.. so have some h202 ready if your not taking up the pots .. looking forward to seeing what you get here and if I can offer any advice with the home made dream will be. Keep your res low through veg you want your roots to crawl the floor of you pot and encourage them to the sides. When you get into flower and have that res filled with roots. FLOOD TH3 BITCH!!


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they get top watered only once, on transplant into the pot. Is yours different because it's homemade?
Is she in soil? That would be different. I was/am following the instructions from the autopot system.... I'm using coco which isn't supposed to dry out (I think)

You may want to pop over to my journal
I'll take a look! Always looking to soak up more knowledge and info.


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The closet lost one occupant but gained another. The unknown bs moved into the tent for flower time. I think she's gorgeous (and hopefully a girl)


LSD clone is the new resident. She was cut 27 days ago


I goofed and let her get root bound in the solo cup :confused: not only that but I let her get too dry too. She could punish me for it the rest of her life... I'll treat her real good and see if she'll forgive me


Here's her tote.... 15 liters with a 5 gallon smart pot. I'd prefer it to be narrower and taller but what I do like is that the netpot lid fit without any modifications


I cut a hole in the bottom of the pot and used the circle in the bottom of the netpot to contain the coco a bit. The coco (with perlite) gets compressed into the netpot/wick. The first third of the fill in the pot should also be compressed.


Cut a hole in the top of the tote for the wick


I covered the tote and lid with foil tape and added a hole for filling.


Here she is, tucked in with Shiatsu Kush (left) and Auto Mazar (right)



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Looks like you're already forgiven:).
Or I cheated and picked the very best pic that shows her good side? ;) Honestly she does look a bit better than I'd expect. She was planted and (more importantly) fed about an hour before the pic. Maybe she's grateful... after having watched her sister get given away to rookies :D
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