Cloud Penz - Cloud 2.0

Hello :420:

This is my review of the Cloud Penz Cloud 2.0.

This is considered a 'mini' vape pen. There are several devices on the market currently that look similar. I can't speak directly about the other brands, but based on my internet research, this one might be the best.

Up until purchasing this device, I had been using a typical dab rig with a quartz nail and a dome. I still do use this at home, but I find myself using the pen far more often. It's just too easy. :love:

I've had it for well over a week now, and this thing is awesome. Since switching to vaping oil, rather than burning flower, I've had trouble medicating when I had to go Spokane or be gone from home all day. Now I pop this little guy into my pocket and I'm good to go all day. The battery charge seems to last a long time. I can load the thing up probably too full, and one charge is more than enough to vape all of it. Luckily, it uses the same charger as my phone, so I can charge it on the go easy too. :thumb:
Without further adieu, here is my first video review. :Namaste:

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