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Clowns U-Turn Grow


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Teaser.....More info to come shortly...





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Ok...a little more info.
As some of you might know we are in the middle of a grow using clones from a reveg'ed "Crystal". The mom is in full bloom and her 4 cuttings a couple of weeks behind.

Well mom, who we affectionately call "franki" is out of control. We like to get monster buds but we don't like monster plants.....Franki has become a monster...

At a tick over 5' (maybe closer to 6') we decided that we don't want to deal with 4 of these.. we don't even want to deal with 2 of them at this point...

We found that it would be more like a full time job caring for them (and you know us clowns avoid work like we avoid spider mites.

We decided to go for broke and shut down the room with the 4 cuttings..killing them off...

A few weeks ago I started a "white Castle" from seed (yes, ONE seed)that was going to be the next grow.. well it took off like nobody's business, but it had that one trait we look for most...the damn thing is short...(no it is not LST'd). If it's more than 10" it's a stretch. The "mom" (no we have no idea if it's female or not) in the picture above is after I took those 8 cuttings.

If the "mom" is any indication of bud to leaf/height ratio these things, should they be female, should be one huge cola and not much else....

We think it is in our best interest to take the risk and try budding these out instead of those other monsters...

We thought long and hard (we got high) and rolled the dice....stay tuned to see if we collect our winnings or go home broke and straight...



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As of today "mom" (we hope) is doing great...I'm going to call "her" foggy...because she grows back limbs so quickly.... I think I could take another 6 clones today if I needed to..

The clones are still looking healthy and we hope to see some roots by this weekend and get her blooming the following week...

Stay tuned to see if the clowns lose their shirts on this one...



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You've pulled off some mighty nice grows my friend, amazing what such a simple setup can pull off when done right. Looks like you're off to another great start.

Thanks Raisin! To be honest we're still pretty amazed ourselves. We strive for simple, maintenance & trouble-free and have been lucky to successfully get to that point.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out our grow.


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Very nice looking grow, but your avatar freaks me out!!:)
Are those DWC or aero setups?

Thanks Theanswerto,the mom is in a DWC set up and the clones are in a home made aero type clone machine


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Day 10 in the clone machine and some of the bigger fan leaves have started to turn a little but that is to be expected as they are feeding on themselves to grow roots...

I've been spraying them with a GH week 3 grow mix and they seem to really like it with no ill effects...again I do this because they were taken from a plant already using a week3 mix so I figure thats what they are used to.

So 5 of the 8 have multiple roots and the other 3 have just started showing a few root tips...they are just about ready to be moved into their 3"net cups for the grow out..(in the picture you can't see the stems of all the clones but you can see the roots on the ones on the right pretty good)

I'll be putting the clones in rockwool/net cups tomorrow and they should be ready to bring over to skooter by the weekend...

Now we have to wait to see if we got ourselves a female or we just wasted a whole lot of time and effort...

thanks for watching.....:smokin2:



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ok well the roots were longer today so I transplanted them into rock wool and set them in their 3" net cups... I took the 6 best out of the eight that rooted...

One will become the new "mom" and the best 4 will get bloomed out...this, of course is if they are truely females....

I swapped the lid on the cloner and set them back in, they will stay in there for a few days to re-cope while they wait to make the trip over to skooters....

We hope to have them sexed with-in the next couple of weeks...



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checking on the clones this morning I found that the pump seemed to have slowed down and wasn't spraying enough to hit the net cups...I thought I'd see some roots out of the bottom but not a chance with the pump down..

After inspection it tuned out the filter on the pump was clogged with clay dust...I thought I was screwed and thought I'd have to run out and get a replacement immediately.

After looking over the pump it turns out this cheap 9 dollar pump has a cleanable filter and can actually be taken apart and the filter removed and rinsed. That done we were back in business!

A few hours later I go back to check on the pump and much to my surprise 3 of them now have roots out of the net cups!:cheer:

So it looks good for the move this weekend...



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