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Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow


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Well I have a 4x4x68" tent.I have 2 450w viparspectra reflector leds
1 Aphrodite hydro farms 325w Cfl 48" 55 bulbs.
I have Fox farms ocean forest soil
Wanna grow supersoil. (Should I mix?)
I also have some test equipment coming, along with some seeds
That's all for now. Will be terminating when the seens arrive.
I won't go into specifics but I will have fans, a filter and co2 going as well.


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Hi Tom 1st grow eh. I remember my first grow back in 1970 it was outdoors using miracle grow plant food for tomatoes.
Since then I've done 4 indoor grows in potting soil 3 in Black Gold and one in Fox Farms and two grows in coco coir.
I'll just kick back and watch. I just harvested a little over two pounds from a 4'x5' grow space under 600watts of COB led from two plants good luck and Keep em Green


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Well today i couldnt wait any longer so i popped a seed into some water to see if it sprouts. I found it in a bud of medical called soflo kerosene. weed was average but i never find seeds in bud from my current hightest retailer in the area. Is it common to find an occasional seed in what you believe is sensemilla?
I hope that's not a tupid question.
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Good morning all,
my tent goes up in 2 days. I plan to use the exhaust fan in one of my bathrooms do pull the filtered air out of the tent. initially, it will just vent into my attic an eventually outside through the venting in the eave of the house. Has anyone done this and if so, did it work well?

George Mc

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I'm sure it would work to some degree. Those fans are not as powerful as the inline fans you can purchase. Also you will not have a carbon filter to scrub smells. If you're growing just one or two plants you probably would be okay
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