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Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow


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waiting for a couple of seeds to sprout.
fans and fancy wireless hygrometer showed up today too.
vent. fan on its way, waiting on flex duct.
still waiting for my autoflower beans to arrive.
should see my ro filter system before the end of the day. Really gettin pumped.:circle-of-love:
i'l start with 2 fem. photofemales ant 2 fem autoflowers. if i have any luck it will get real crowded. :yummy:

i got a couple in the chamber. just waiting to pull the hammer back pull the trigger, and let the 1st grow fly.
Please pray for me if you love Jesus and if u just like to help newbies get healthier with with their hands in the dirt, i welcome all who are willing to help.
God bless you all,
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well , 2 goin'. temp in tent is 87F, RH is 47 and soil is moist. come on girls lets grow! :circle-of-love:
im gonna load my mighty and relax. day one if this grow has started. if you love Jesus please pray for me. if you just like to watch miracles happen, i hope you'll jump in and help me be successful so i can glorify Him.
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