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Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow


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the drivers i'm using do. i'm just looking for a completely adjustable driver to use as a piece of test gear initially. when i figure out what i'm doing then i will know better what i need. Thanks Chris
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Chris Scorpio

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Not exactly sure what yer looking for
Meanwells do, well, what yers do

A watt meter you plug the light into will tell yer draw and specific % of power, if u don't already have one

A Quantum Par meter will tell you the PAR values yer getting at any area below the lights

I have one, great to see where the sweet spot is as well as how good they are 12" off to the side. I have a Hydrofarm one, like $120. Great tool to have with the QBs for sure


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i would like to get a BIG driver with as much voltage and current control is i can get min to max at least for testing. i can see making more of this stuff to improve my gardens and maybe even help others with cost effective solutions to their situations.
i have some time on my hands and i like to keep busy.



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Good morning all
Day 6 of 12/12 and it is lovely in our garden.
new lite installed and it's a pretty place to be this morning. Gotta fetch more water.
Good looking lighting setup man! Clearly does the job! :yummy:


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i'm seeing 10k lux at canopy. is this good?
Hey there Clrwatrtom, 10k lux is where my girls were in first week if bloom, i raised that by 5-10 k per week till i get to 60k ish (where im at now) in final week or so.
Any higher and youll start to see bleaching (will try n max it at about 70k)


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just watered the af's. they shared another 1/2 gal., with pk getting 21oz. and thw ww getting 42 oz, The pp's just got a 1/2 gal, each still no major runoff on any of them. pk has the wettest bottom, but she is building some pretty buds. Very happy in the garden today. :woohoo:
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