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Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow


Grow Journal of the Month: Dec 2019
You have mastered the first step. :)


Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
I love the bi-daily waterings and in doing so you are approaching the efficiency of a hydro system... those plants are loving it, because you have the roots to support it. The most efficient time to water is at daybreak when the plants have been anticipating the dawn, have the pumps all primed, leaves lifted up... they are ready to uptake some water directly. Sometimes as much as 10% extra can be measured above what you know the soil can hold, if you take extra time with that morning feeding. So I would say give them the good stuff in the morning, and then the water the rest of the day will reactivate what is left still in the soil.
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