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Clrwatrtom's 1st Grow


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all in all, one of my best days yet in the garden. 3 more gal. water ready for later tomorrow or probably Wednesday morning. let's just see how hungry and thirsty they will get. i hope the af's will start to amber up for me. i'm running out of room. The pp's appear to be exploding, showing 50 to 60 or more flower sites at or near the top of each, with flowers popping from bottom to top.

roaring lion

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i read your note about your plants and that "they have no idea" . i was reading about the moon cycles on cannabis. if you can wait til the 15th (August fool moon) there is some belief that the moon phases have an influence on cannabis and other plants...interesting read, just thought i'd pass it on. you've got some real beauties in that garden......
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