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Clueless and in Need for Medical Purposes


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Looking for alternative medicines and cannabis oil seems to be extremely useful for healing. I have no experience with cannabis and no talent for cooking. Creating my own would be last resort, because it would most likely not go well. I however do not know where or how I could obtain this. Obtaining such by prescription or by doctors order is not possible. I'm looking for something along the lines of rick simpsons recipe. In the midwest able to travel certain distance. Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, or Kansas, possibly as far as Colorado if needed. If anyone has any recommendations or ideas on helping out, it's appreciated.



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Making it is really quite easy as seen here: Making Cannabis Oil

Dosing is even more important: Cannabis Oil Dosing

As for how to acquire it, if you can get out to Colorado, you're golden. If I recall correctly, 60-65 grams of oil is selling in the $6,000-$7,000 range now. Otherwise you'll likely have more luck obtaining Cannabis from either a grower, or reseller. When obtaining Cannabis it's VERY important to know what strain it is, and the THC and CBD content. Also knowing the ailment(s) you want to treat will assist in choosing a strain that will be most effective in treatment.

Since Cannabis is extremely popular among recreational, and medicinal users, it's never difficult to find.

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IdWithheld: Most posters on cannabis websites will recommend that you grow your own, and make your own edibles; but if you are like me, that is not an option. (And it really doesn't matter why.) Doing it yourself is the cheapest way (as with most things), especially in the long run, but it is not for everyone.

None of the states you named have medical marijuana programs yet, so I don't know how lucky you will be through those avenues. There is a possibility that different states may enter into reciprocity agreements with border MMJ states, so you might be able to get it that way in the future.

I don't agree that cannabis is easy to find, as I can attest. I haven't been brave enough (yet) to try my luck around a university campus, or somewhere that young people hang out; but other than that, if you don't know any young people, I don't know who else you can ask. But, if and when you find out, I would love to know.

At this point, Colorado (or maybe even Mexico) may be your best choice. Good luck.


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Thanks for the replies. I wasn't expecting that much for the oil. What would be the cost difference if I made the oil myself. Traveling to Colorado alone would be a long trip in terms of gas expenses. I also wasn't sure what the laws of selling oil in Colorado were. If you still needed some sort of doctors approval or anyone was free to walk in and purchase oil.

I just don't think around here I have any connections that can obtain what's needed. And honestly even if I went up to a stranger and was about to buy the amount needed, I truly wouldn't know what I'm buying let alone the exact strains of it. I could be sold anything I doubt I'd know the difference.


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A good, yet basic grow setup, expect to spend $200-$500, depending on what materials you already have on hand.

A beginner with CFL lights should be able to get 1/4 ounce from each plant minimum. With a budget that allows for LED or MH/HPS lights, you should see at least 1/2 ounce from each plant, but closer to 1 ounce, possibly more, from a beginner, and would need at least 16-32 plants total at that rate. Of course growing high yield strains, and proven strains will help reduce the # of plants needed providing proper care is taken when growing.

It isn't rocket science, but you also have to be observant and have some attention to detail to notice any abnormalities in your leaves, which will be the first indicator of a problem that needs to be fixed. And we have all the charts and pictures needed to figure out the problems.

As a ballpark estimate for all equipment (I'm assuming LED or MH/HPS setup @400-600watts), seeds, growing medium (or hydro), nutrients, fans, filters, then all the things you need later on in extracting the oil, Maybe $1000-$1500.

A very very basic CFL grow will run about $200 +/- depending on what you have on hand, and as stated before should produce at least 1/4 ounce each plant, but you are also very limited as to how many you can grow at a time.

Bottom line is that it's a lot cheaper to produce your own, as it goes for anything, vegetables are a great example of that.

As for specific CO laws, I'm unsure on that question.

The strain you buy will also depend on the ailment(s) you plan on treating with the oil.


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IDWithheld: If you've had no prior experience with cannabis, then maybe a tincture -- which is usually lower in strength than oil -- might be something to start with. Of course, it depends on what condition you are trying to treat as to whether this type of delivery method will work.

Since you can buy edibles in Colorado without a card, it seems like you would be able to buy other extracts too. And extracts would be easier to transport across border states.

I am, of course, not suggesting that you do anything illegal. I am just repeating options I've read about. I had to move to another state to become "legal," and it was very expensive. Unfortunately, I chose the wrong state, and now have to save up to move again. But in the long run, moving might be cheaper (and less riskier) than trying to import your medicine from other sources.

It appears that even if you buy extracts and edibles from dispensaries, there's still a question of what you're getting -- both in strength and strain type. I tried a large number of edibles here in New Mexico, but only obtained an effect from one. Without a reputable test result, which is currently hard to find, it's a gamble no matter where you make your purchase.

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