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I got White Russian seeds. Germinated within 24 hours with paper towel and bottom heat source. 8 sprouted in Miracle Gro within about 2 days. Last one sprouted would be March 26.

They are so tall I had to prop them up with straws around them, and transplant to be safe. Still thin too. I want to put them outside.

They have the 2 leaves that popped out when they sprouted and 2 little marijuana leaves.

Am I just being impatient? Is everything normal?

They're still in Miracle Gro soil, 4 inch pots, on top of my fridge. Can't put them outside where I live, but have put them in the window a few times. Lately the weather hasn't permitted for that.

About how long till I can sex them and put them outside?

Is there anything else I should be doing, keeping in mind they are going outside?


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your going to have to transplant them real soon man a 4 inch pot is not even worth starting out in due to the quick transplanting time your going to have to go through...other than that everything will be fine are you using lights? or just a windowsill? and you wont be able to tell sex untill they reach sexual maturity during the end of the vegitative growth stage or if you start flowering before they become sexually mature you will be able to notice signs of sex withen the first 2 weeks of flowering


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What size pots would be good?

I'm using windowsill, no lights. Wouldn't even know where to start with lights as this is my first time.

How long does the vegetative stage take?


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dont event ry growing if you just going to use a windowsill...your going to end up with hardly nothing...go to the store and buy atleast 4 cfls...the little flourescent lightbulbs that are spiral...they are least a 3 gallon pot to finish it in that way you dont have to transplant it shouldnt get too big using a cfl light source


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^ If you want to actually grow some bud,listen to this dude, but if you are looking for an attractive house plant then countinue on the fridge. I grow bagseed all over my house because I think they decorate my house nicely.


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Sounds great.

What is the light to dark time for veg state?

How close do I put the lights to top of plants?

One other problem. Since transplanting my plants are drooping, looks like they're dying. Could it be shock for transplanting or what?


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The window is a great place to start some plants that will be moved outside when the weather permits. You may try a small fan blowing on them to strengthen the stem. A 4" pot is a great place to start sprouts too. It won't take long to outgrow it, but it will still be about 3-4 weeks before theey need transplanted. The weather may be straight for you by then. Your next transplant will give then fresh soil whether or not you re-pot them or put them in the ground. A 5 gallon size could last you all summer. But it depends too on ho big you want it to get. I wouldn't worry about sexing them just yet. Somewhere around 6 weeks of age they may show signs of gender, so relax for the ride. The drooping could be from weak stems (see above), over watering, or damping off(fungal attack on the stem), and possibly transplant shock.

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