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Cluster Bomb


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I found cluster bomb to be a slow starter and a medium feeder. Semi sweet taste almost like strawberries.
It is very pungent as thats the skunk in it. Dense clusters that can get very large. Known for its quanity and quality.This strain was developed using the original Sensi Skunk #1 and the legendary Cinderella 99 which was then crossed with Bomb #1. Its good for beginners and others alike. Some premo genitics + common sense horticulture methods = fatty cluster bomb harvest. The smoke is beautiful, a rich skunk aroma with hints of orange and strawberries that has a powerful body hit, but still maintaining some of its Cinderella, cerebral, psychoactivity. The high from Cluster Bomb is long lasting and intense. THC-15-20%. I give this strain a




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hey mate, what set up did you have it under, going to purchase 10 of these babys for my next grow and there aint really any journals/grow info or anything on this strain so just looking for as much info as i can on it, thanks

Yohon jones

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My buddies got one of these plus two critical mass and a vintage 2006. Just started his flower. How long did you leave yours in flower? About how many days you recommend for maximum potency? Should I just examine trichomes ? Thanks peace that stuff is gorgeous


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it does look very nice. i am awaiting the arrival, of some "thc bomb" beans. never had any. hope they turn out like yours.


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i have some thc bomb, in flower. it also seems to like medium nutes. supposed to be a high producer. but, oddly, i get preety much the same yeild per plant, no matter what strain it is. lol. cant wait to try it. its the most favorite plant right now, for my mites. they love it. lol
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