CND420's First Quality Grow - White Rhino - Soil - Indoor


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Strain - Indica White Rhino
# of Plants - 5
Grow Type - Soil
Grow Stage - Germ
Bucket Size - 5 Gallon Indoor
Lights - (1) 100 Watt HPS
Nutrients - Blood meal thus far
Medium - 75% Organic soil 25% perlite
PPM - n/a
PH - n/a
Room Temperature -65 to 84
Solution Temperature -65 to 69
Room Square Footage - 3' * 4'
Pests - None Known

I have grown in the past, but it was just some old bobby brown never paid much attention to it. I got my hands on a about a dozen seeds just by chance out of some personal I got from my "guy" it was rx white rhino still packaged so I am confident I'm growing White Rhino I will post all progress I'm not sure of what I'm doing for a grow box yet got to get past germination first I have some ideas, I'm not sure of best lighting for veg, I have a 100 watt hps security light I took the photo cell off and hot wired it just need a new bulb, any tips or advice welcome. I'll post pics soon as I have some sprouts
OK found hydroponics supplier here local picked up some ph up down and Neptune's harvest fish & see weed. 2 of my seeds yet to sprout not sure they are going to. Im finding out I jumped in before i knew enough those are probably a loss but if i can save the other 3 Ill clone and push on I'm serious about growing just never tried hydro in any form until now

finally showing some signs of progress
Yo cnd420 and welcome aboard! I don't know much about hydro, but I can say that you are definitely going to need to upgrade your lighting if all five plants live, even if you only get three it'll still need to be upgraded. Yoiu should be shooting for around About 100-150 watts per plant. The rough bare minimum ratio for HPS/MH is around 30 watts per square foot. Good luck on your grow :thumb:
ok im 25 days in from putting seeds in soil, transplanted to 12 in pots this morning and moved my babies into the grow space waiting for them to get a little more established so I can clone gonna grow 6 plants in this space I still need to add air filtration but the enviroment is pretty good its holding at 45% humidity and 85 degrees I dont know why the pics are rotated they wernt when I uploaded em so sorry for that
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