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CO: National Pot Summit Convenes In Denver

Ron Strider

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As more states pass laws legalizing marijuana usage, a national summit on marijuana is convening in Denver today.

The three-day National Cannabis Summit begins Monday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Denver, featuring presentations by state and local governments, advocacy groups, and medical professionals.

"The National Cannabis Summit provides an objective national platform for these stakeholders to come together to discuss policies and regulatory approaches to enhance public health and safety, advance research and improve prevention and treatment to respond to changing cannabis policies," organizers said in a statement.

Some questions that summit organizers say will be addressed include: "What are the characteristics of state regulatory models and how can they be improved?", "What are the differences between decriminalization, depenalization, legalization and medicalization?", "What is the federal response to state marijuana initiatives?", "What is the impact of medicalization and legalization on marijuana use? On perceived risk among youth?", and "What is the impact of marijuana use on consequences such as drugged driving?"


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