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Co-ops Selling Seeds?


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Hello everybody,

Does anyone know of a co-op that supplies seeds in or around Long Beach, CCLB and QDC doesn't have any. Oh and i don't want clones, I'm in search of seeds. Thank you.
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can someone find the text for this guideline?

i have seen seeds at many co-ops and was under the impression that a seed is the same as a clone...

if seeds are not allowed, we will delete this thread...
if they are allowed, hopefully someone will contact you or post in this thread...



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I've never heard of a co-op selling seeds. I don't think prop 215 or sb420 allowed the selling of seeds. But good luck with your search.

Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that edibles/hash are not to be sold as well.


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Up here in the Bay Area, seeds are available at some clubs, less than more.

Good question, are they legally sold in the state of California...don't know. :peace:

Time to google.

Fifteen minutes later, the same day, same bat channel..

After reading the totle "Re: Cp-ops Selling Seeds?" It brought up the question, is it legal to sell seeds at MCDs?

Nothing really speaks to cannabis seeds....here is what I found from the following request:

At AC medical cannabis At AC medical cannabis dispensaries can cannabis seeds sold legally

Please cut and paste for results.

And there you go...
:smoke2: (vaporgenie, not smoking...grin!)

After re-reading... Man, way too medicated! lol

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A.P.C.C. in South O.C. has "Bonanza of Green Genetics" seeds. They are 10$ donation per seed but for 100$ donation for 13 seeds.
They are ideal for Mother plants.
The 3 Variety's are:

Boggle Gum

Sour Bubble

Bog Bubble

Valid California MMJ Patients can pre verify at:


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apcc has had a bad rep in the past... i avoid the place. I think they changed owners though. if they have whatever. if you go ask for kevin he is cool and down to earth. he is also a tatoo artist..i personally wouldnt go back...imagine investing in some seeds your not sure of put alot of energy into them and wham mexi... whatever

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Sorry you had a bad experience with the Old Owners. I also stopped going about a year ago.. But, when I moved back here from the Desert in June.. I stopped by and They were under new Management with some of the old staff still intact. The Meds are Way better. This is an "L.A. Quality" Club with Compassionate Donations now. I volunteer there now and I am very happy with the quality of Meds and Price of Donation.
Stop By and see for yourself..:rollit:

Valid Ca Patients Pre Verify at: 1-866-699-2451:yummy::51::cool027::roorrip:

Discounts for First time Patients- Patients from San Diego, San Bernadino and Riverside county.:439:


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:smokin2: Found out today there's a Harvest Festivial this weekend in Lake Isabella. Lotta seeds, Lotta pot! contests, food, lotsa fun.


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Lake Isabella! I haven't been there in years. I grew up in oildale as a kid. My mom, sister neice and other relatives live in bakersfield right this second. We use to go out to the lake almost every weekend. Wish I lived close enough to atttend.


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we're going up Sat only, I'm from Ridgecrest, do you know where that is, about 1 hour from Lake Isabella. It starts at 9 am know of a good place to eat around there (breakfast)
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