CO2 for the room?


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I am looking at a place that is going to be very difficult to vent without a problem. I know that production can be heavily increased wtih CO2 but is there any side effects to health? I know that carbon monoxide is bad but carbon dioxide is in the environment naturally and we are increasing it wtih our energy consumption, 1500 ppm going to effect a human? I was reading a study from iowa state and they found on pigs that 30,000 ppm started to effect them. So could it technically be done in a room safely without venting. I want to attempt to fully contain the room and make it sealed from the rest of the house. I will get pictures to show in one of my posts soon, but I am working on completing it and it has taken a few days longer than I expected! But I am lazy somedays and somedays I am not. Story of my life! Haha. :allgood:
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Co2 is very benifical to plants, but you have to have fresh air, i dont think you can seal up a room air tight and just use only Co2.


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In addition, CO2 production/regulation is expensive.
Far cheaper--flo-thru ventilation.
CO2 can benefit a growspace that has poor ventilation, but not tht much more than a growspace that has excellent ventilation.


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yeah I would say ummm just cut a hole in the cieling and put a fan in it and put a fan in the bottom of the room..........thats what I did and I get great ventilation
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