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CO2 generator question


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I finally bit the bullet and bought a CAP Gen 1 CO2 generator has one burner. Still need to get a CO2 PPM controller but i want to run my unit now while my plants are in flower about 3 weeks in. Here is a little bit about my system:

Room is 10X8X8
4 X 1000w HPS lights air vented to keep them cool
Shallow water culture system with 30 plants
50 gallon resevoir
Charcoal scrubber that vents the air to the outside
Room is completely sealed up

I plan on turning off the charcoal scrubber when lights come on. The CO2 generator will turn on at the same time and will be on for 25 min then turn off. I used a CO2 calculator and this is how long my generator has to turn on to get the room to about 1500ppm of CO2. After 6hrs my charcoal scrubber will turn on for 30min. Once the scrubber turns off my CO2 generator will kick back on again for 25min to hopefully get the room back to 1500ppm. After 12hrs my scrubber will turn on for the rest of the night period until the lights come on again.

To anyone who uses a CO2 generator does this sound ok? Or should i put it on a different type schedule? I know once i get a ppm controller i won't have to guess but right now i don't have one to use. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated!!


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Sounds fine to me, my friend.
i think you have it under control.
Check out hydro innovations
they have a controller that is very reasonably prices, and it measures the co2 in the air and when it falls below 1500ppm, it turns on till it reaches that level and then turns off.
You would not have to vent that often unless your humidy goes too high, which with co2 is always on the cards as the plants grow so fast and transpire so much water.

good luck with your crop
happy harvest


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Thanks for the CO2 controller recommendation. Man i think my next grow will finally be the one i can be proud of. My first grow in my new room, 6 clones that i bought from a dispensary was infected with root aphids killed 70% of my crop. This latest grow i suffered some root rot when i was gone for xmas break added some h2o2 and my plants recovered but where stunted.

I plan on doing a regiment of H2O2 weekly to kill the root rot problem in the next grow. Now that i have the CO2 generator i think the girls will be growing nice and big. I will probably do a grow journal this next round since i finally have all the kinks worked out. Man going from a small grow to a larger one takes alot of adjustments. Happy Growing Man!!


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hi solforever,
Root rot gave me some problems too. It gets real hot here, and my plants got a bad case of root rot. I lost 3 Himalayan Gold to it.

That was some time ago, and since then I have had no troubles at all with it.

I use friendly bacteria and fungi, and make sure that when I water(I hand water), the nutrient is well oxygenated.

I use Zyme and fulvic acid.

I grow in a hybrid way:

I grow hydroponically, but use both chemicals and organics.

I grow indoors but grow large plants.
I guess a picture is worth a thousand words:

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happy growing
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Looks like treating the water as a precaution is the way to go. Root rot sucks as soon as you find out you have it the plants are stunted and won't grow as big. I looked at your grow video and the plants looks good. You got some big monsters there.

I flower my plants when they are around 12 inches. I try to pack 30 plants in a 10X8 area using a shallow water culture that i built out of PVC piping. I think i finally got it dialed in next grow should be excellent. Im finally confident that i should have all the bases covered. The CO2 looks like its going to do wonders. My plants that were half in flower right now are loving it.

Happy Growing My Friend!!
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