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CO2 question?


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my space is 6X3X4 feet (1.3X0.8X2 meter)
i need co2, but the question is how much is enough...
lets say im using a propane camping stove,
how much ppm it produces in the room per hour ?
i know i need to get levels of co2 to 1200-1500 ppm
i know in the air its about 300 ppm

so, how long will a small stove one burner has to burn, to produce those extra 900 ppm ?
and for how long will it last, if there is no air venting out ?

thanks in advance!

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Don't do it unless you can do it right.

CO2 can be a poison. IF you get too much of it in the room it will replace the O2. Someone in the room long enough, with out enough oxygen in the room will suffocate. At high concentrations it will also kill your plants.
The "setup" you describe is not controlled. There is no way to regulate how much is going into the air. It would be real easy to get too much. A level as low as 2000 ppm will harm humans.

Also, where is your room? If it is in your home (especially on the second floor) it is doubly dangerous.

C02 is not absolutely necessary. It is a bonus. You can grow a great garden without it.

My advice: If you can't do this project right - don't do it.

~ Auggie ~


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thanks auggie
it's my 4th grow so i know co2 is a big bonus in yeild.
im well aware of the risk envolved, but i was asking how can i calculate co2 ppm
because i will get out of the room and come back in ten minutes or so, not to just leave it like that.
also the set up is well ventliated, i will stop the vent for the co2, because i dont have heat problems

Fuzzy Duck

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Er type this in your internet search thing - measuring co2

That should come up with suitable devices for such a task & some are quite expensive... failing that perhaps online hydroponic stores may stock some think ?


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yea, adding co2 is expensive. It is worth it, IF you have mastered everything else. If you are getting .85 grams per watt and want a bump to get to 1 gram per watt - it's good for that. But note, you have to have mastered everything else. Light, nutes, etc. Everything.

Personally, I would not go for a burner. It adds a lot of heat, it adds a lot of moisture. I would go with bottled co2 if possible. I know that its not possible in all places on this planet, but if possible that's what I would do. A tank, regulator and controls are going to run you about $500.

Ask Santa - or save up and do it right. In high concentrations co2 is poisonous. And I'd like to see you stick around these forums for a while.

~ Auggie ~

PS: The biggest problem I see with your 'camp stove' idea is that we don't know how much co2 its putting out. And to get the equipment to measure it would be more expensive than getting the equipment to do it right in the first place. I am a stickler for safety. That's just me.
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