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Co2 Within Smoke

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Well cigarettes are a no-no. Obviously due to the harsh toxins.
And I along with numerous others smoke leaf around our plants.
Now with the Co2 being a benefit within the smoke, and not being toxic,
I have a slight idea. I've always lit a candle and put it out to mask the smell, 1-2 times after smoking in a bud free environment. Do you think the smoke coming from that candle would be a beneficial amount?
Take under consideration using a odor-less candle, and im assuming this method would be poor during flowering.
Might get a weird taste i'm not sure. Any feedback, Idea's, Experiments would be appreciated. :Namaste:


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Why would anyone smoke anything or burn candles near their plants, lol? The leaves contain tiny pores that function best when not clogged up by particulate matter and condensed smoke. As do the chloroplasts, for that matter. Do your smoking and candle burning somewhere away from your plants and they will thank you.
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I was under the impression Tobacco's toxins will clog the pores, not all smoke. I always smoke bud around my plants, its never had any bad effects as far as the eye can see. " In an average resting adult, the lungs take up about 250ml of oxygen every minute while excreting about 200ml of carbon dioxide. " I was just curious, considering we are exhaling 200ml of Co2 per minute, in my opinion our breathing already wipes out the science project c02 2liter generators, and the Co2 generator bags. And with plants needing some Co2 , I was just curious if a candle could be a big producer, but with you're knowledge and theory it doesn't seem like it would work too much. " tiny pores that function best when not clogged up by particulate matter and condensed smoke" Well if you put out a candle once, and you're carbon filter scrubbed the air within 10 minutes, it wouldn't be thick and condensed, depending on your area's volume and how fast the air exchange is. I really appreciate you're feedback though! I will be running tests in the future.


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I would think that, in addition to the CO2, you'd also be exhaling small amounts of CO. I am not absolutely sure.

As for cannabis smoke not being capable of clogging pores... Think about the resin that accumulates in pipes. Or you could do the same thing that my high school health teacher did, only with a pipe/joint instead of a cigarette: Inhale a lungful of smoke, place a paper towel tightly against your (slightly opened) mouth, and exhale fully. If you don't see the same brown stain that I saw, then you might be correct.

It's not at all likely to kill the plants. And, with decent ventilation/filtration mechanisms in place in your grow room, it probably isn't going to be that harmful. But, well, why do anything that will cause the plants to operate at less than optimum? I'm not a big fan of cleaning the tempered glass on air-cooled light-fixtures (or the bulb and inside if it is not air-cooled) any more than I have to, either, lol.

There's nothing wrong with exhaling whilst working in the grow room. More than a few people have been known to sing to their plants. As you noted, CO2 is helpful to them (especially as light intensity increases). I'd just refrain from smoking/burning near them, that's all. Use your own judgment, I guess.
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Good point good points, I understand the resin aspect. and all of the aspects. Just had to question it, because if so that would be a big supplier of co2.