CoalCracker - SCROG - Soil - CFL - Bag Seed - 2012


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First grow. First grow journal. Learning as I go and having a great time. I seriously neglected proper gardening records early on. This was quickly remedied and it has helped out tremendously.

Bag Seed​
Grow Room
Grow Closet, H-48" W-46" D-20"​
6"(seedling), 1gal(veg), 2gal(flower)
Grow Medium
Soil - 50% Miracle Grow Premium Potting Soil, 30% Perlite, 20% Sphagnum Peat Moss​
8, 23watt CFL(5k & 27K)
# of Plants
4, multiple bags​
VEG - Dr. Earth Tomato, Vegetible & Herb Fertilizer(5-7-3), Miracle Gro Organic Blood Meal(12-0-0) Mixed into soil when transferred to 1gal.
TEA/FOLIAR - Per gallon: 1cup Dr. Earth Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer(5-7-3), 1tblsp Un-sulphured Molasses, 1tsp Miracle Grow Organic Blood Meal(12-0-0) Every third watering.
FLOWER - Dr. Earth Bud & Bloom Booster(4-10-7), Miracle Gro Organic Bone Meal(6-9-0) Mixed into soil when transferred to 2gal.
TEA - Per gallon: 1cup Dr. Earth Bud & Bloom Booster(4-10-7), 1tblsp Unsulphured Molasses, 1tsp Miracle Grow Organic Blood Meal(12-0-0) Every third watering for the first month.

I used multiple germination methods for the various seeds and found the Paper Towel Method gave me the best results. Wet paper towels placed between two small plates and placed on a heating pad on the lowest setting.

First Shoots - October 12th, 2012
At this point in my grow the grow box was a 24"x24"x36. Air circulated by a small fan. And was using only 2, 23watt CFL(5k). This caused my plants to stretch during their early seedling growth.

True Leaves - October 26th

Due to poor conditions a serious overhaul of the grow box had to be done. My plants went through a terrible fluctuation in soil PH, very cold nights, and a Potassium deficiency. Luckily I was able to secure myself a larger grow closet which was easily converted. I also took this opportunity to upgrade several aspects of my grow including lights, soil mix, amendmants and fertilizers.

The New Closet - November 26th, 2012

Lighting: 8, 23watt CFL(5k)
Soil: 50% Miracle Grow Premium Potting Soil, 30% Perlite, 20% Sphagnum Peat Moss
Container: 1gal bucket(12 holes drilled into the bottom for drainage with a 1/4" drill bit)
Fertilizer: 1/2tsp of Miracle Gro Organic Blood Meal mixed into the top 3" of soil. I did not at this time have Dr. Earth Organic Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer.

The tall plant in the back turned out to be male so will not be featured in this journal. Added a cool mist humidifier. Trying to keep humidity near 55% and the new light additions were keeping the relative humidity down near 45. The humidifier goes off for 30mins every 2 hours. This seems to keep the humidity around 55-60%.


#3 - Was going to attempt some LST at this point in the grow but decided to go with a SCROG method instead.

#4 - This little plant never developed its first set of true leaves to maturity. They remained yellow and completely undeveloped. To the point where they were almost identifiable as leaves. They looked somewhat of a very tiny group of bananas. With careful pruning I was able to get this under control and it's starting to look good. You can still see evidence of the under developed leaves that were growing in this picture.


Conditions & Fertilizer - November 30th, 2012
After 4 days in their new soil and closet all the plants are looking better.


#3 - Untethered this plant has had some very nice growth

#4 - With further light defoliating this genetic mishap is looking even better


Grow Closet Improvements - December 8th, 2012
Have made a few more improvements to my closet including a 27inch oscillating tower fan, and a 120mm computer fan as an exhaust. Replaced 2, 23watt CFL(5K) with (27k) to balance the spectrum since #2 has started showing pre flowers.


More coming soon! #2's sex reveals itself! :high-five:


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Foliar Spray - December 7th, 2012
Gave my first foliar spray to the plants. I could have been fertilizing in this way earlier but due to my inexperience I decided to do to little rather than too much. They've reacted del to the spray and it will become a regular in my fertilizer regiment.

Sex Revealed - December 8th, 2012
These are a few more individual plant pictures I took that I didn't have the time to post yesterday.


#2 - First Signs of Sex(Macro)







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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Tea - December 9th, 2012
Watered using the fertilizer tea.

Tea Recipe:
2.5gal water
2tblsp Unsulphured Molasses - added directly to water
2tsp Miracle Gro Organic Blood Meal(12-0-0) - added directly to water
Dr. Earth Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer(5-7-3) - Placed into nylon stocking and set into the water

A 4" air stone to keep things moving in the 5gal bucket. Mixture was let out for a little over 24hours. The temperature of the room where the Tea was stayed a relatively constant 68f.

Have noticed some eggplant(purple/red) stems on my plants. I've ruled out cold temperatures. Temperature of the grow closet stays between 68-80f, with an average of 73f. Relative Humidity stays between 45-65%, with an average of 55%. I am thinking it could be a Phosphorus deficiency. If so, the Tea will hopefully help out some. If I see some improvement over the next couple days I know I am on the right track. They are all growing nicely and seem healthy though so as long at this type of growth continues I am not gonna worry too much about it. Could be genetics as well right? We'll see how things go over the next few days.

I meant to list this in my first post and just realized when posting to blog that I had not. I grow for medicinal use.


More to come!
SCROG System Preview, Separate Veg Closet Completion, DIY CFL Ballast
Thanks for reading and for any comments/advice/suggestions!


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Was thinking of 'Topping' #2 to promote branching and allow #3 to grow vertically enough to even out the canopy between the two of them for SCROG. I could then compare yield differences between the 'Topped' #2 and the not topped #3. #3 was germinated 1-2 weeks later but due to adverse conditions #2 had periods of no growth/slow growth.
#2 is currently at 10" from the base of the plant to the tips of the newest growth. SCROG screen will be set at 10" I think. With lights and containers factored in that should leave me with about 1' of grow space above the screen.

Suggestions/Advice welcome!


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

HI there CoalCracker YOu have a nice setup and I am interested in how your lights finish your plants. I have small space and budget and have a veg and flower spaces but have found out that I need a second flower space to harvest monthly instead of every 2 because Ive been running out and cant afford the dispesary and am done with the street stuff.
Can you get those split fixtures at Home Depot or similar? I also would like to see whats coming.
SCROG System Preview, Separate Veg Closet Completion, DIY CFL Ballast
I dont have to much experience yet but I just tried LST the first time and I never scrog either(but do understand concept) and thats where your headed Why not top and Lst #2 plant which will probably send all those branches growing and more light to them at the same time. Just my thought. Good Luck and keep postn updates please!
I have started athread that is now my current journal but I dont know how to put it as a sig If you want to chek out and maybe suggest or advise on my grow please do Its MY CHEAPER CLONE SYSTEM I think or close lol at seeds and clones under Grow Room forum or just see my profile in started threads.


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Thanks for stopping in closet organic. To answer your question, yes you can pick up those Y's at Home Depot for no more than $2.00. You can probably find them at most Lowes as well although my local Lowes does not seem to ever have them in stock. I thought about LST but decided instead to go with light pruning through it's veg cycle to promote branching as well as FIM. This has worked wonder and the branching looks to be coming along perfect for the SCROG.(photo's coming soon)

As for the completion of my promised updates.
The SCROG is complete and will allow for 11" of growth before my plants hit the SCROG net.
The vegetation chamber is a smaller compartment but part of the same closet I am currently using. It is near completion as the lights have been mounted and tested, a small fan has been purchased and the humidifier from my lower chamber will be moved up as well. As of now the top 'Vegetation' chamber will be for seedlings, clones and early vegetative growth. There is not enough room to start SCROG'n within the small chamber so once they reach around 10" plants will be moved into the lower chamber to complete vegetative growth and then flowering. This being my first grow I'm still not sure how this cycle will work out for me but for now it should be fine.
My DIY CFL ballast/reflector is a brushed nickel vanity wall mount with a tin, double parabolic, reflector hood.(still under construction)

I wil be uploading some pictures of all of these once I find the time. But for now I have another addition to the garden to share....

Hamish, Garden Parasite or Protector?

Hamish, as he is now called, has become a regular in my grow closet over the past week. I regularly see him crawling around on my top soil snagging the few Fungus Nat's he comes across or patrolling the plants themselves, checking the undersides of leaves for small insects and parasite to eat. Although the Fungus Nat's were never a very big problem since Hamish has shown up they are pretty much non existent. During our first few encounters Hamish would quirky scurry away to a safe place and then observe me go about my grow closet business. We now seem to have an understanding however and he is much more comfortable being around me. But if I get too close he quickly jumps away and let me tell you...Hamish can jump!
Around mid November I had another smaller spider visiting my grown room(although this one was much smaller and black w/white spots) but he hasn't been seen for quite some time. I don't see this spider as being much of a problem since it is an 'active predator' and does not spin a web.

Updates & photo's of the SCROG, Vegetation Chamber & DIY CFL Ballast/Reflector should be up within the next week. Next step after that....FLOWERING!!


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Man those pics of Hamish are so cool. I would welcome active predators in my grow especially ones hungry for mites

I for sure will be rigging a set up at those prices. After these holidays I will make another clone veg space about 2' x 4' and 3 high to start my clones and future seedlings and try to flower under my 4 bulb 4' T5 Maybe scrog there One of my bag strains I feel would fill it nicely. I would LST and FIM though. At six weeks old now Ive nail pinched so many bud sites and now have a low even canopy on the 3 lst clones my 2 biggest just started flowering this week. The stems look mean compared to the 2 I FIMd only they got the bush look since I thinned alot of fans to let light hit those lower branches.

Cool thread Ive attempted grows over the years even with named genetics inside and out less than 50% succesfull untill joining here afew months ago. Im learning my strains and ways to grow them better each time.You post great photos and just got me planning a addition to my grow that should smooth things out for me.


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Hey was up! Im coming threw to sub in your journal if you dont mind. :)

Is that a portable AC in the grow tent? Or just a fan? If its a AC then that could be the problem with the phosphorus def. Check the temps at night bud!


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Thanks for joining in on my first grow WizHigh & ashinkushaa! To answer your question , no it is not a AC unit. I have 1 27" oscillating tower fan and a Honeywell humidifier. As you will read below though, cold temps was apparently the problem. And thanks ashinkushaa, my next pictorial update will show a vast improvement as well, just gotta find the time to upload. But for now, here are a few photo's from the last couple of days.

December 16th, 2012 - PreSCROG

#3 - Growth Update

December 17th, 2012 - Grow Closet + SCROG

Day Two of SCROG


December 17th, 2012 - #4 Topping & Branching Structure(Early Topping)

Topping Scar

Branching Structure

December 21, 2012 - Phosphorus Deficiency, Cold Soil Temps, Alkaline Soil
I think I have the possible Phosphorus deficiency finally under control. After the new potting and watering there was some improvement. And as per some advice from WizHigh(as per Cannabis Plant and Pest Problems) I took extra care to bring temps up at the bottom of my grow closet, in order to raise the soil temperature. Although the canopy temps were fine at night, at the base of the closet where the grow medium is setting was too low during the night which was compounded after watering. I have also lowered the PH of my soil as it was beginning to find itself in the high 7's! Along with some added Epsoma Organic Rock Phosphate(0-3-0) the problem seems to be gone. Older growth is now healthy and dark green with a wonderful light green at the new bud sites forming along the SCROG. A perfect example of always taking care of the simplest possibilities first to avoid doing too much.

December 16th, 2012 - Rootbound Evidence(but healthy roots)


More coming soon!(hopefully tonight) Completed Veg Chamber & Further improvement in SCROG!


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

They actually look better from last time i seen them. Yea keep the temps room temp or the day before you plan on watering just leave a gallon of water sitting out over night before you use it. Thats what I do. Well actually I just have 10-20 gallons already made up so I just pull one out when im about to feed them.


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Still working a few things out as I am at a critical point in the cycle. I'll be switching to Flowering soon...but not sure on which plants will be staying and which will be moved to the veg chamber.

#2(top right) Will obviously be staying as she is filling about 60% of the SCROG herself, if not more.
#5(top right) Not near as far along as #2 but it is growing rapidly and will due nicely when switched to flower. This one however may be a hermaphrodite.
#3(bottom left) Not hitting the SCROG(set to 10") and much of the inner growth was beginning to yellow, possibly due to being shaded so much by it's own fan leave. I removed the shading fan leaves and we
will see how it responds. Have seen very little vertical growth since topping.
#4(bottom right) Will be moved to the veg chamber upon completion.
#2-1, #2-2(not shown, these are cuttings from #2 - 2 numbers = second generation) Will be moved to veg chamber upon completion.

December 21, 2012 - Growroom SCROG



December 21st, 2012 - Under SCROG

I believe I wil also have to transfer up to a 3gal container before I flower due to how root bound #2 was when I transferred last time. How much root growth can I expect during flowering? I would imagine quite a bit due to the amount of growth and high Phosphorus fertilization routine. Will be switching on/by Christmas so I have some information to look up!


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

There looking great. They will spread up and catch up to the other plants if you switch to GLR lighting. Go 12/12 with one hour of light in the middle of the night cycle. That way they will stay in veg. Just remove the hour of light when you want to flower them. I run GLR on my grow now.


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Thanks Wiz! I have been seriously considering GLR lighting for some time now. From what I have read it seems not only more efficient when it comes to power costs but also seems to be healthier and a more natural light cycle for the plant. With the addition of my veg chamber this will also help keep the electric bill from getting out of control.

Tonight I will be switching to a GLR light cycle. 12-ON, 5 1/2-OFF, 1-ON, 5 1/2OFF (12/5.5/1/5.5)


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Hello fellow growers! I've been a little busy the last few weeks so haven't had any time for updates. Have switched to flowering and the plants are doing good. Have been alternating what I am watering the flowering plants with. Day1 - Water+Sucanat, Day2 - Reg Water, Repeat. I also water with a fertilizer tea once every 2week depending on how well they are doing without. My soil seems to be good though as they are developing nicely.

Flowering Closet

4x, 23w, 27k CFL​
1tblspn Sucanat/Gallon, Plain waterPH: 6.0
Fertilizer Tea
2.5gal water​
2tsp Miracle Gro Organic Bone Meal(6-9-0) - 1quart of hot water then poured through stocking
Dr. Earth Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer(5-7-3) - Placed into nylon stocking​

Flower Closet - January 19th, 2013
Two weeks into flowering for #2 and #5.



#2 - Two Weeks 12/12

Calyx from the smaller bud sites are beginning to discolor and turn orange. Not sure if this is normal. The larger buds are not showing signs of this discoloration neither are any bud sites on #5.

#2 - Leaf discoloration hasn't spread and the rest of the plant is looking healthy. I am assuming this the natural discoloring and leaf loss that happens during the flowering cycle.

#5 - Two Weeks 12/12


Coming soon, #4 progress w/SCROG (Veg Closet)


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Re: CoalCracker | SCROG | Soil | CFL | Bag Seed - 2012

Thanks for the encouragement! #2 has recently started yellowing across the board. I thought it may be due to the large root mass I saw when I transferred to the 2gal. But after a week of every other day watering it did not improve so I decided to up it's nutrients (Organic Fertilizer Tea). It did respond well but I am worried that it may just be a short flowering period. I do not have access to a handheld microscope so I can't be certain. Will update on this within the next couple days.

I have been terribly busy recently and still have some past updates to post as well as some new updates. I did however post a few up to date photos under Plant and Bud Photos > Soil - Bag Seed - CFL - Day 36 Flowering. Here is a preview, if you want more check out the link!

#2 - Bag Seed - Mango Aroma - 36 Days Flowering


#5 - Bag Seed - Spicy Aroma - 36 Days Flowering


The backgrounds were not set up they just happened to turn out that way with acombination of 27k CFL's and mylar. Gotta love those happy accidents. These pics were taken by my grow partner who is also an excellent photographer.

Enjoy! :)
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