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Timber Grow Lights are a sponsor here and they have some pretty nice set-ups for decent prices.. 200-400w for $400-$600 I think. Check em out. I have stared the investigative process of switching over from my Mars LED or going perpetual and just buying one for a 4'x4' flower tent.

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Here is my parts list minus the angle aluminum and electrical wire... Citizen CLU048-1212 80CRI GEN6 3500k x8
Ideal holder for Citizen CLU048 series x8
Arctic thermal pads for Citizen CLU048 series x8
SST 120mm passive heatsink x 8
Mean Well HLG-185H-C1400A x2

Total cost was $360!!! I sourced these from various sites to get the best price. I spent hours watching videos and getting a grasp of the technical aspects and then hours deciding if I wanted the Cree, Vero, or Citizen chips and which ones. I went with Citizen because of the cost. My goal was to save money on my electric bill from my 600w hps. You get way more light for the electricity you use with COBs so the fist thing you have to get out of your head is the watts per square foot rule that has always been used. I still have a galaxy hydro led and a t5 in my 3x3 veg tent but... That will change soon. My advice learn how to build or buy a prewired COB kit. I always thought the guys that jumped in all of the lighting forums saying "don't waste your money save it and buy COBs" were just the guys who spent the money because they could, well, THEY ARE RIGHT.

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First off, I'm happy to see people talking about the led light quality phenomenon that is gaining respect. I'm on a no budget cob DIY project. I'm using cheap 50/100 and 70 watt AC (??????) 2,800k to 3,200k chips. The main concern is the inconsistency of the light due to the ac power supply causing strobing, as they call it , of the light. On a digital camera you can see how the light is in waves of maybe 6+ inches wide. . I'm going to use a converted basic reflector as a heat sink and hope that they are putting enough light out overall. I've got about 5x 50w . 1x 70w &1×100 w chips coming from China and hope that they are enough light overall to make up for the strobing issue.. it's a gamble at the moment.. they are going to be next to a digital hps I'm thinking that and the cobs will replace one of the hps 400& maybe use a600w hps and the cobs. Then there's the reds i I have some old mostly red with some blue led bulbs. There's red and there's far red. Innit


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Timber Grow Lights are a sponsor here and they have some pretty nice set-ups for decent prices.. 200-400w for $400-$600 I
Their Redwood Vs is fukng awesome...
Little pricey but sure worth every penny...


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120/140watt true draw quantum boards laced with Samsung chips of apparently phenomenal performance are about£160 say $220 .
I can get hundreds of watts of ac , choice colour temp, for£20 I am waiting for the arrival from China. Plus the girls are all Less than a month old. I'd like to have properly vegged plants and not hacked about then hermied ruff arse smoke, for once. God willing and with the dissaplin of public disclosure giving me feedback on my own actions. Hmm . :meatballs:


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Great idea @Ifbleaf , if i had had some awareness of cobs before i went blurple, I would definitely have considered it.
My guess is most of the info required is out there, although the flickering things sounds like your driver ?!?

Perhaps a little romantisized but building them would have been a little more rewarding every time you hit the grow space..

Hmmm - Suppose no reason I don't research for next set. :high-five:


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Yes I am looking at the fact that they are not via a driver as such hence the waves of light. I'm maybe romanticising that an infinite number of flickering cob chips Will do. I'm going to test the biggest array I can assemble,but! I've got hps backup all round. I've made too many mistakes where my next crop takes too long by alot. As soon as my babies are all in one tent I've got 3 pineapple express autos and 1critical Kush auto I believe they're Easy and quick. No light leak issues.
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Mars COB is on Sales 20% off. Cree Cxb 3590 cob plus some cree, orsam chips, meanwell driver and water proof, no fan design. The same quality and wattage ones in the market are all over 250USD/pc, now you can get less than 200USD/pc from us. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:



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Yes thanks, they are going to be a goal of mine after the next crop to get some state of the art lights.
On a less commercial note, my seedlings are doing well. I've made some diluted bio vega so that I can get a small enough measure of it in my 1.5 ltr spray bottle.!! Good move. I've put 20ml into 480ml of ph'd water, that's a 25/1 mix which leaves room for a microfarad of seaweed extract . & Rhizotonic bio of course. :yummy::rollit::yummy::yummy:
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