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Coco Enkidu Grow Journal 2016


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Welcome to my grow journal - 1st. This journal will be about my attempt at a perpetual grow using a Coco Organic mix (really just a version of super-soils on countless journals just to see if it works) in the below tent set up. I welcome any advice and look forward to meeting you :Namaste:

This is my 2nd grow. 1st grow were Skunk #1, in straight Coco, Coco nutrients, 2 gallon pots, using the 1 bloom tent (cause I started with 8 plants, 5 were males and I knew no better) planted Jan 1/16. I have harvested 2 of 3 plants. I doubt I fed enough but did yield 300 grams wet weight from the first 2. I stopped feeding nutrients on Apr 23. I am letting the last plant grow a little longer to see how the density and quality compares. The first plant I started a dark cycle (Apr 28) before harvest on the suggested 63 days of flowering; it yielded 302 grams wet but fluffy lower buds and tighter top buds. By May 6, I have a total dry weight of 84 grams dry. The second, I started the dark cycle on May 1, harvested 310 grams wet weight with similar buds. By May 7, I have a total dry weight of 83 grams dry. Both have smoked decent before cure with little to no cough, nice high, no crackling (but I cut nutrients sooooo long ago I was not expecting this) and even burning. I am no good at judging taste :sorry: I plan to start the dark cycle on plant 3 on May 8-9 and will post results.

I have a 12' x 10' room, A/C controlled to 19c, R/H to 40% and 6" 440 CFM Inline fan exhausting 2 tents to outside. Inside room:
1 - Mars Hydro 4'9" x 4'9" x 6'7" tent for flowering with:
2 - Mars Hydro 144 Reflector series LED
1 - 9" oscillating fan
1 - 6" clip fan (might switch this with a 9" fan attached to the wall via a grill attached with plastic ties)
R/H stays steady at 37, temp at 23 with 1 LED on 25 with both on
1 - 6" Australian Activated Charcoal; this one appears to be able to replace charcoal due to screws attaching frame not rivets will see in a year
1 - 6" Duct fan for intake
1 - Mars Hydro 3'3" x 3'3" x 6' tent for veg & clone
1 - Mars Hydro 96 Reflector series LED
3 - 3' Sunblaster HO
1 - 9" fan attached to wall via grill attached with plastic ties
6" exhaust hose with round drain guard covered with panty hose

Here is the soil mix:
Base (for top half of pots):
2.5 gallon Coco
2.5 gallon Perlite
2.5 gallon Earth Worm Compost
4 cups Azomite
Amendment mix
2 cups Kelp Meal
1 cup Organic fertilizer mix (I used a mix for tomatoes 4-7-10)
1 cup Bat Guano
1 cup Neem Meal
1 cup Crab Shell
1 cup Alfalfa Meal
1 cup Dolomite
Amended 7.5 gallons of medium mix base with 2.5 cups amendment mix and cook for 30-60 days. I started cooking on Mar 1.

I am attempting to do a perpetual grow this time around using the amended Coco to see if I can have the ease of use of both Coco & Organic fertilization mixed. I would be interested in reading some successful or not grow journals on this method if anyone knows any. Regardless of what I read I will still try this out tho :idea:.

2 - Durban Poison Regular - Sativa planted Apr 6/16 in 3 gallon fabric pots. All signs pointing to healthy plants. Watering with de-chlorinated tap water with EWC ACCT. Pics taken May 6:

2 - Skunk #1 Regular - Mostly Sativa planted Apr 26/16 in 1.5 gallon plastic pots. Early signs of what appears to be thrip? infection with little white lines appearing on leaves. I am waiting on new batch of ACCT to brew and will spray plants with diluted 1:1 de-chlorinated tap water. Also, will be planting some garlic in all pots. Pics taken May 6:

1 - Sweet Tooth Auto - Indica x Ruderalis I gotta say I haven't had any success with Auto-flowers. 1st one, Green-O-Matic, I tried back in the original grow but accidentally fed it full veg nutrients when it was a seedling and needless to say the plant died :rip:. 2nd attempt was Apr 18 but when it popped ground it did not develop any leaves. I planted it in the straight base soil mix. This one was planted Apr 26/16 in 2 gallon fabric pot and again appears to have problems. Pics taken May 6:

Any advice would be appreciated.


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Link in your sig is broken....but I found your grow. Gonna go back through the details. Best of buds.

:48: Pineapple Express again this morning


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Welcome Arteekay

Great journal so far Yankeetoker. Your plants look to be rebounding well.

Here is a little pic update, first a bit of group shots:

Next up the girls in the back are Durban Poison. Planted Apr 6/16:

Followed by the girls in the first row, right & middle, Skunk #1. Planted on Apr 26/16:

Finally the girl on the left is a Sweet Tooth Auto. Planted on Apr 26/16:

I have had some issues with auto's and this one has proven difficult but at least is growing :24:.

On a different note I have started the dark cycle before harvest of the 3rd plant, first grow. It looks like it will harvest the same yield of 300g wet. As always, I am new to growing and will welcome any advice :3:. Till I post again


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Thanks Sara & Jim.

It was my first grow and I think I plucked them too soon which means I started starving them too soon and of course effected yields. This is the main reason I am trying an organic grow, to take the guess work out of when to stop nutrient feeds. I only have about a year of studying (reading books and forums) the art of growing pot before trying. I also didn't seek any help just to see if I can actually grow something. With 1 grow under my belt I thought it good to seek advice.

Anyway, I will update tomorrow. I have started another 2 DB and 1 popped ground today, pics tomorrow.


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yo! enkidu! check out doc buds hi brix threads . he advocates his " lab" kit 4 sale. advice is thus: start in one gallon till root bound and then use mico n rock dust for transplant etc , prune roots THEN transplant into the 5 gallon containers. trick is to get the roots to grow big n healthy( almost root bound) before moving to bigger pots.. try skunk # 11 ..just sayin yo!

Yeah I was thinkin coco as well ..maybe mixed with the pro blend peat stuff and all the phosphate crap n gypsum etc ..I have a cornucopia of phosphate n calcium cooking with coco n peat n a little humis. Coco needs to be buffered(cooked with some epsom salt as well as calcium to nuetralize the excessive postassium and ?ium CEC??? sorry lost it
) No lab testing here LOL!


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Hello everyone, for those (if any lol)actually following I'm sorry I didn't post like I said I would yesterday. I was out of town most of the day and when I got back I was just lazy :token: So here is the update:

Pic's of last Skunk #1, plant 3, 1st grow:

May 14/16 Smaller buds finished:

May 15/16 total 94 grams dry:

The Veg tent today:

Group shot

Girls in the back, left, Durban Poison. Is leaning a bit, from what I don't know:

Right side, Durban Poison:

Front row left side, Sweet Tooth:

Middle, Skunk #1:

Left, Durban Poison. The one in the back hasn't sprouted:

That's all folks :3: Till I post again.


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Hello everyone, here is today's update:

1st up is a Group shot. In the back row are Durban Poison, the one on the left has a serious leaning to the side thing going on. Not sure what caused it but I'm just letting them grow for my observations (newbie grower and need the experience) to see how what it will do. The front row left side is a Sweet Tooth. You will notice a grid of bbq skewers going on, I will explain that latter. In the middle are Skunk #1 followed on the right side by Durban Poison. Here is the group pic:

Durban Poison, the back beer cup hasn't sprouted yet. I will pull it up this weekend to see what went on below:

The Sweet Tooth, has 2 sets of bbq skewers going through the fabric (to hold them in place). I originally thought of this to use for LST but this plant all of a sudden keeled over one night. So I'm using my idea to prop it up. Since propping it has started to grow again. Hopefully the stem will strengthen to support flowering. Here is the pic:

Well that all for now folks, until I post again :love:
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