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Coco Growing With Samantha & Neil: Autoflower

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Hello, everyone. This is a grow by my wife Samantha with my guidance. The White N Bubbly is a tall strain and is building buds quickly. She is going to be a huge yielder.

For those that don't know me, I grew a 2.9 pound dry weight auto Critial in a 18 liter hard pot. I also grew a 14.8oz auto Northern Lights, and many other huge autos. Now I am going for the frosty autos, and trying to find that perfect combo of frost, looks, smell, decent yield and super stony autos.

So far, I love the Auto Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion.

The grow.

Strains: Autos - White N Bubbly by Mephisto, Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion, Incredible Bulk by DR. Incredible, G14 by Fast Buds.
Grow Tent: 8x8 Gorilla tent, using half of it in a 8x4 flood tray.
Lights: Perfect Sun COB and Max Yield.
Medium: Coco with a automated drip system that feed 3 times a day, so we get run off during the longest feed. Right now the seconds are first feed, 10 seconds, second feed 13 seconds, third feed 25 seconds.
Feed: Cycoflower Nutrients and cal mag plus. Start with .4 EC then 1.0 ec. PH to 5.8 let drift up to 6.1. Fed from a 50 gallon drum.

We use a closed system. This means that we let no fresh air in the tent and none out. Instead, we use a co2 tank, AC, and a heater. The CO2 tank is on a timer and only turns on when lights are on. I then have the timer during lights on set to turn on for an hour then off for 30 minutes. I adjust the regulator so my co2 drifts between 900-1200.

Here are two photos of the world record that I grew. Auto Critical by Royal Queen - 2.8 pounds dry. Made some great oil.

Now on with this grow. We are at day 56 right now. They are starting to really fill in with buds.

White N Bubbly on 11-25, she is 4.5 feet tall from the base of the stem to the top bud. Insane. Be ready to train this girl if you don't have the height.


Here she was on 11-11 so you can see how quickly she blew up. Wife is killing it.


And here is the latest grow update. For a back log to see the whole grow, check the auto grows playlist. Thank you for checking this grow out.



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White N Bubbly by Mephisto. She is 4.5 tall, and this is after we trained her to be shorter.


She is starting to pack on the frost. Day 58

Then we have Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion. Hands down my favorite autoflower right now.



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Dam brotha those autos look great congrats. I wish I could get over a pound on anything photo or auto lmao. I usually pull 2 to 4.5 oz an auto lmao but that's hydro not soil. Altho I'm tryn a gorilla glue auto in some doc buds hibrix soil under one of ur dwarf stars. Lookn to get a max yield light next maybe that will help boost things up so I can pull close to a pound maybe lol. But yea jus wanted to swing threw an say those beauties u an wifey doing are lookn great congrats.
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Blazin, when I was in my first year or two of growing, my autos would only get to 4oz. I remember when I first starting hitting 6oz, I was like, wee. Once I nailed down the environment, that is when I started to get 6oz or higher regularly. Then once I started to water my coco daily, then I started seeing 10oz and up.

Properly watering, good PH and good environment = good growth. It took me about 2.5 years of growing autos before I started to see 10oz plants.
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Grow update. They are 63 days old. First is the video update, then some pictures.

White N Bubbly by Mephitso -

Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion


Who here remembers this auto Magnum by Buddha Seeds that I grew?

1 auto magnum.jpg


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Hey, a photo update. Taking like two days ago when they were 67 days old. Started OCT. 4th. I am trying to get the video update finished. She is now feeding with 1.2 EC and the girls are loving it.

White N Bubbly by Mephisto


Colorado Cookies by Dutch Passion