Coco & Hempy LED Autoflower & A Huge Photo Carnival

Perfect Sun LED

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Hey, in this grow we are doing some autos while we veg out the big Photo (Carnival). One of the autos will be grown in pure perlite Hempy bucket.

Lights: Perfect Sun Goliath v2 and Max Yield.
Nutrients: Perfect Nutrients.

Autoflower strains: NYC diesel(Advanced Seeds), Incredible Bulk(Dr. Krippling), Cheese NL (Ministry of Cannabis).
Photo Period: Carnival 80% Sativa 20% Indica. (Ministry of Cannabis). Amnesia Haze, Haze, Jack Herer

They say the Carnival can do 500g per plant, but we smashed that last grow with a 2 pound (Dry weight) from one Carnival plant.

Hempy Bucket: Medium Grade perlite. Will be watered every day.

Coco: 5 gallon pots. We will switch the Photo into a 20 gallon fabric pot.

We grow in a closed system, so no fresh air. Instead, we use AC and CO2. We water every day to runoff. We will be following the feeding chart for Perfect Nutrients.


We wash and buffer our coco with Coco Charge, but you could use Calmag.

Here is a photo of the last Carnival.

The tap of the NYC Diesel has grown a bit, so I have hope for her.

Here they are now at day 3

So the NYC seed never did her thing, so I put in another one, just right into the rockwool. Hopefully, she will do her thing. Those seeds are like 4 years old or more, but I have kept them in the fridge.
Well, give me a few days to update with new plants. Everything will be the same but some different strains. Cheeze NL will be back. It turns out the PH pen was 6 to7 points off and will not calibrate right, so got a replacement coming and will be here by the time the new seeds have sprouted.

New strains.
Autos: Og Kush (Nirvana), Cheese NL (ministry), Colorado Cookies (dutch passion)
Photo: NL x Big Bud.

I haven't grown NL x Big Bud in like 8 years or something. I hope the seed is good, haha. Let's see.

If she doesn't pop, what do you think? Critical + dinafem , Critcal Royal, or Wreckage.
The probe was definitely bad. Got the new probe and calibrated it. I made a batch using the old probe ph to 5.8, Then I tested it with the new probe. Way too low. 5.1.

And this was after I calibrated the old probe. It was even worse than this. So she had been watering the plants with below 5.1.

I might end up seeing what one of the two does, or maybe let them finish in the bedroom because they are bouncing back now that they are getting the proper ph.

Here is a trick I use. I should have asked the wife to do this before we started this grow.

How to Check accuracy. Equally, mix the 4.0 solution with the 7.0 solution. This will give you about 5.2 ph. Save this mix and use it to test your prob to be sure it is reading correctly. If it read the 7.0 correctly, the 4.0 correctly and the 5.2 correctly, then it is probably fine.

My probe was getting pretty old, so I knew it needed to be replaced soon.
In this update, I share different tricks you can do to be sure your probe is still reading accurately.

Day 17 update for the two that survived the super low PH and day 1 for new girls. The last two new girls will be in rockwool soon, hopefully. The 8 year old seeds for NL X Big Bud did not fully pop. They just no longer had the energy in them.

Hopefully, one of the Wreckages pop. I really would like to grow that strain. Not sure why I bought so many seeds and never grew them. What a waste of money.]
I'll pull up a chair to follow along if you don't mind.
And as for PH probes, give HM a try- best quality/bang for your buck on the cheaper side. My TDS probe from them is 4 years old, been dropped, frozen, kicked across room (accidentally), submerged, and is still bang on. I just got their PH tester, and it seems to be just as good quality.
Heya Rex!

I have had a HM tds pen for years also - it’s like a Timex - takes a beating and keeps going. But a tds pen is just an electrode and a pH bulb is a very sensitive sensor that requires proper care - and still requires eventual replacement.
I like my Apera pH pen, which came as a kit with a case and two calibration solutions. It also has a replaceable bulb.
Heading over to youtube now..
Thanks, mayne. Hey, that sounds like how some people say thanks, man, but they say mang.
Your right mayne, lol..

From the Movie
"Hustle & Flow"

one of my favorites
Unfortunately, the Wreckage is not going to do anything, so it looks like we will be doing Critical + from Dinafem as our Photoperiod strain.

Here is all the energy the Wreckage had in her. She has been like this for days. This means there was not enough energy left stored in the seed. To be sure that critical + did her thing, I use a nail file and filed the edges of the seed.

And here is a photo of Cheese x NL autoflower. I just took her out of the coffee filter and placed her in the rockwool. She will be green by the end of the day. Gave her the first feeding and placed her in the humidity dome.

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