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Coco hydro organic, easy & cheap, water daily


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Bedroom, it is too hard to tell yet, but the smell came through much stronger. I will need to grow two clones of the same mother in the future, in the same coco medium and do a side by side.

Rich Farmer

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That's a great idea, I may do that next grow... The stuff I'm using needs RO and the nutes are pricy. Even if the yield is a little less I'm sure your still saving a lot of money.

Rich Farmer

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Hey Neil,
I'm getting my plants ready for my hrdyo organic trial run. I had some gsc I'm growing under led that got calcium hungry. Is there anything else I'm going to need for my indoor hydro organic grow? The tap should have enough cal?

Also I'm using canna coco and I think it's buffered. Tap ph of 8.0 coming out precooked coco @5.0 and regular coco @6.5. Not sure how long it will stay that way I plan to mix my cooked and regular coco. Should I still mix acidifier since my tap is 8.0?

Amy Gardner

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Hey all. So here is a super easy way to grow organically in 100% coco. It only takes using Dr Earth Organic powder for Tomatoes, kelp meal, Epsom Salts and organic sulfur or lime depending on your water's PH.

You can "cook" the coco first. To do this, you put Dr Earth, Epsom Salts, and some organic sulfur inside the coco. Then water it ever few days to keep it moist. Do this for about a month. Every two weeks add a bit more Dr Earth and Epsom Salts.

This will let the beneficial microbes feed of the probiotics and such and multiply. They make it easier for the plant to uptake nutrients. Also, this gives time for the sulfur to lower the coco's PH to 6.3 or so.

Then you can follow the video and water daily with just water.

I am growing a Blue Kush in a 1 gallon pot this way right now.
End result of the first experiment. I still need to make a video showing the full line of dry ingredients I used.

I’m resurrecting an old thread here. Was researching about growing in coco, feeding, organics ect and this one really piqued my interest!

It looks, in the thread, like all the videos’ links are missing but I actually think just the coding is old and the new forum software isn’t reading it right.

I’m attempting to reinstate the video links from these 2 posts (the first post and the most recent one). Hope it works! Its great info so it would be good the have the videos back

LEDRF, are you still growing with these methods? If so, have you made any tweaks? Thanks. Great thread. I saw another grower on the Tube recently who does water only grows in Coco using all dry ammendments. Pretty cool. :cool:
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