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Coco Loco was an impulse buy: now what?

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So I was buying a few large bags of my favorite Ocean Forest soil at the local nursery and they had Coco Loco also. So I bought a bag. Pure impulse buy. I also bought worm castings and vermiculite. Last year I used Ocean Forest mixed with vermiculite (25%) and fed using Fox Farm nutrients. Plants seemed to grow really well, but I don't have anything to gauge it to as it was my first time growing the crop. Would I benefit by using Coco Loco anywhere in my crop this season? I should mention that I'd like to keep nutrient costs down this year. Perhaps I should mix a portion of Coco with OF to aid in drainage? Any thoughts?
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There’s some soil recipes that call for Mixing cocoa with perilite and earthworm castings. And then adding some soil amendments
Try looking up doc buds high brix kit. They cover it pretty well. Sounds like your trying to make some dope soil and members here love doc buds kit
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