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Coconut coir


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I am new to using Coconut coir. When I want to transplant to a bigger container, are there any tricks I need to know?

I have the feeling that this loose coco stuff will just crumble away from the roots when I pull the pot away.

Or, am I just being one lolo?:21:


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I'm using coco right now, I waited till I could see the roots coming out of the bottom of my smaller pot this way I knew had built up root mass which held the coco together plus I watered before had too to help it all stick, I did some seeds in peat pots too, then just ripped the sides and bottom and put the smaller pot inside the bigger.....it breakers down and the new roots grow thru it. :)


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From my limited (5 times in coco and counting)experience transplanting I have done in coco felt like soil. Water it before transplant and after. I found this method to be easy less mess and never see my plants look stressed and I'm clumsy. Hope that helps!
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