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Coconut Tincture


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I recently helped my friend, who is heavily dependent on norco with Tincture I made in the alcohol process. His consumption was 90-110 pills a month, running out before his script renewed, with withdrawals in between. I have been monitoring his progress, the synergy thing works. This will be his first month, with THC in his regiment, he has consumed 25 % less( did not run out before refill) and is adjusting into tapering down further.
My challenge is he is not a smoker/drinker, and can only take THC through sublingual drops or edibles. My tincture is effective but very rough to ingest. I know how to make coconut oil infusions, but would like to have tincture that is coconut based rather than VG. Coconut oil solidifies ,so I suppose I am looking for something to keep it liquid enough to drop sublingual.

I am not a doctor, just helping my friend and learning along the way to perhaps help others. Thank you all!!


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Hey Stinky - could your friend swallow one of the small capsules - about 1/2" long - I think, that with some liquid lecithin mixed in would work.
If not, why not just use a small spoon - I found the mixture of Coconut, lecithin and Phoenix tears quite tasty.
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