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Coco's Closet First Grow: CFL Northern Lights In Coco Coir


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Hi everyone! :)

After weeks and weeks of preping and reading i've finally reach the day where it's my turn to try my hand at this beautiful science.

So here i go:
What strain is it?
-Northern Lights Feminized, from Nirvana Shop. 6 weeks shipping (my god i was wondering if I'd ever get them)

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
-Indica dominant

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
-Seedlings day 3, germinated in wet paper towels.

Indoor or outdoor?
-Indoor, small closet

Soil or Hydro?
-Hydro in coco coir, (with 25% perlite)

Size of light?
-4x40W CFLs, i have a small led grow light too that i'll eventually setup with more CFL probably.

Is it aircooled?
-Circulating fan, shooting at the walls

Temp of Room/cab?
-maintained around 25C (80F), with a small automatic heater

RH of Room/cab?
-Around 35% to 40%, I need to fix this soon, will go out today to buy another humidifier that doesnt suck. I have small humidity domes made from empty bottles on the girls for the moment.

PH of media or res?
-My plain water is at 8.5, I lower it with the Cal-Mag every other wathering and with citrus juice.. I know i'll fix this too :laugh2:

Any Pests ?
-None i'm aware of, i've read coco is great at not attracting insects.

How often are you watering?
-Once a day or two, I'd say every 18h or so.

Type and strength of ferts used?
-Just CalMag for now, i'll be soon following the FloraGrow trio charts i've found, maybe starting next watering with just a little, less is mode with seedlings right? :MoreNutes:

Thank you everyone here, it's only with your help that i've been able to get to this point.:circle-of-love:

Alright and now the pictures of the babies :thumb:

If you have any comments or opinions I'm open to anything :) :Namaste:



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Little update on my plants,

Just gave them their first watering with the flora trio, i'll wait to see if everything is alright but they seem pretty happy :):thumb:

I increased the humidity in cycles from 45% up to 70% in the morning, like natural morning dew. also got a better hanging system to change my light distance, keeping it around 2 inches from the cfl's.

Is it too soon to see their individuals caracteristics? Because it seems i have one very sativa with her two long leaves :)

Compared to my other

I find it confusing with the coco it always seems moist. I have a good draining, the water goes right through when I pour it. Maybe it's normal? I try to not water them too much, once when germinating and twice in the 4 days sprouting. I'm just used to work with soil everywhere else :)

Have a good day!:Namaste:


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Hi 420 :)

It's day 5 and they really liked their nutrient watering, starting to see their second set of leaves starting to show up :)



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Its week 2 of my timeline and they started showing their 3 fingered leafs. I kept watering every other day, alternating between plain and with nutrients.

This one is a beautiful green and larger indica like leafs. Smaller in size though.

The other one is hungry for light, but a fainter green, I've notice the stem is kinda red/purplelish. Seem to be N defect from what I've read?
But I also tested the runout water and the pH was a little high, at 7,4. Maybe a lock out, I'll water them with low ph'ed water tomorrow or so. I'll keep up with the upload. :)


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It's day 14 and I've kept up the schedule.
Feed them on day 12 and I move the lights a bit closer to stop the stretching.
Now it's barely above them, these lights don't get hot so air think it's for the best. They really kicked up since a couple of days, they are now growing their third row of pretty leafs. Probably moving the lights closer helped. I don't really bother with the humidifier for now, it's at a stable 45%. Letting the coco dry out really seems to help to, the more indica one is standing up much better.

Enjoy! :)

The pictures seems to throw the proportions off regarding the light distance, they're about an inch from it.

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Hope all is well in your world.

How did this grow turn out?

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