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Coffee filter hash


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Hello all! I made hash from bud shake and it turned out nice!!!! I saw it on utube and now have made about 15 batches. Ive gotten good at it! Ive found a 1/4 oz of frozen shake, 5 ice cubes, one 17 fl.oz cold water bottle, and a mason jar. Shake it for 7 min. let sit in the fridge 2hrs to settle. And then filter. I dont siphon, i let drain for 12hrs. then I run the same batch(same process) one more time. The first run i get about 2 grams and the second I get 1 gram. Crush some on top of a bowl and goodnight Gracie!!! If this fall is successful I think I will upgrade to 3 bubble bag process.
My computer skills suck and I think you need like 50 posts to communicate here?? So more posts to come. Have a great day!!!!! Jesse
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