Cola Monster's Perpetual Solo Cup Grow Feat: ViparSpectra's P2000's x 2

Good afternoon my fellow herb connoisseurs,
Well I'm back in the saddle again after taking a two week hiatus of jounaling where I was trying to alleviate the tightness in the back of my upper neck and lower head area by relaxing as much as possible and doing some decompression exercises in my spare time which has worked wonders for the most part although there's no cure for old age obviously, well not yet that is.:cheesygrinsmiley:

Now to get back on track here's this weeks photo update for the journal with three of the girls getting close to finishing next week and the two Gorilla Bombs Feminized plants having at least another 10-14 days to go.:thumb: I'll be back later with some shots of the Blueberry Feminized plant after I get them downloaded to my I-Photo program. Enjoy!

And to all you seasoned growers out here I ask friend or foe?:hmmmm: It's the first time I've ever seen this type of insect on my outdoor plants so any help identifying it would be greatly appreciated. I don't want to kill it if it's beneficial to the plants in which it's been hanging out on the top set of leaves but not doing any type of damage from what I can see.

As always thank you much for stopping in and have a great night my friends.:high-five:
Look at those leaf tips.
Look at them.
Just-right amount of nutrients is what I see.
Absolute perfection!
An update of my Blueberry Feminized plant on day 49 of flowering along with a few shots of some other projects I've been working on while taking a break from journaling.;)

Next up, some photos of my outdoor girls followed by my overcrowded veg. tent in which I removed three plants today in order to make room for the stronger ones and transplanted them into 5 gallon plastic containers for the outdoor garden.💪

Veg. Tent:

And finally before I get some zzzzz's, my air conditioner was putting out a musky type smell lately so I removed it over the weekend and took it apart then gave it a lemon scented bleach and soap bath (x2) cleaning all the gunk out that had accumulated inside over the years and could possibly contain mold spores I read.:eek:





Have a great night all!:Namaste:
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Does that help?
Cheers I was wondering how to do this :passitleft: :snowboating:
Kill that invader! Feel free to then deep fry it. Or dip it in chocolate. Its only value is as protein (and calcium). Yes, they do eat some insects - but that's only because the little SOBs are omnivores. If they were big enough to do so, they'd eat your garden and then have your cat, basted with orange juice, for desert. And they're apparently quite palatable with salt (try a quick fry in sesame seed oil).

Of course there's a cure for old age - but you really don't want to volunteer to take it before it shows up to take you.

Your little giants are walking tall, as usual.
Your solo cup garden is looking pretty amazing! :adore:

I noticed one of your pics is labelled "Comparison grow with Geoflora Nutrients". What are you comparing?
Good morning Mr Monster 👹

Glad your neck and back are feeling better. There is a cure for old age, it’s an extreme cure tho

🪦 ☠️🪦☠️🪦☠️

Really good to see you back. Your plants are extraordinary! One of those buds looks like it’s levitating!!! Watching your technique has really taught me that plants can grow without much root room, I really thought a plant of that size would become pot bound.

Oh and I’m taking this complaint straight to TripAdviser!

One star for my Australian Government!

I really thought a plant of that size would become pot bound.
I'm having the same question Tra. What does it really mean for a plant to become rootbound. Does it just need more and more water?
I'm having the same question Tra. What does it really mean for a plant to become rootbound. Does it just need more and more water?
Omg are you asking me?

Coz I have no idea.

I was only this month years old when I learned it was possible lol
Omg are you asking me?

Coz I have no idea.

I was only this month years old when I learned it was possible lol
No, I'm not asking you. You'd be today's years old when you formulated your answer! :laugh:
Hi CM!!! Hope you are so very well! Hope it is not too late to ask for a seat and to catch up on what you've been throwing down with your amazing cannabis growing fingers....much love xo
What does it really mean for a plant to become rootbound. Does it just need more and more water?

It's not that the plant needs more water - it's that, by filling every available space, there's less and less room for water (and oxygen). Or at least that's how it was explained to me. I suppose you might be able to get by with watering less, at a higher frequency. I expect that the plant would still be more likely to be less healthy, though. More opportunities for "drought stress," more stress in general from the constant cycling, and again the root oxygenation issue. If I remember correctly, the person who grew the budcicle in that miniature Solo cup was having to dunk the cup several times per day (was that you, @Cola Monster ?). Which worked, but seems like it would have been a PitA, especially if the gardener has multiple plants. At that point, I'd be switching to hydroponics, lol. Switch to an inert media and either set up a flood and drain system or install drippers. Or, if your taste runs to "larger, but fewer" plants, DWC.
You've rendered this eye-talian girl speechless. This type of growing is what I expected to see from a grower such as yourself but it's like you took that original expectation and shot it into a cultivation multi-verse on the other side of the farthest cannabis growing super nova, through a series of magnificently green worm holes and landed on your own marijuana growing planet. Simply incredible.

Morning mates,
My apologies for not responding earlier but as soon as I was feeling better from the neck issues I've been dealing with the blistering hot sun showed it's face over the past few days (which is just as bad for me) giving me what @StoneOtter referred to as "optical" headaches to where I couldn't even keep my eyes open outside in the bright light which in part is a result of the multiple strokes I suffered nearly a few years ago.
Both light and intense heat are my enemies unfortunately which is somewhat strange to me that I found a love for gardening of all things.:hmmmm:

Anyway, enough about me and my personal problems and I'll do my best to play catch up today, well if the sun cooperates that is in which it's supposed to be a brisk 93 degrees again today.:lot-o-toke:

Thank you all for your kindness and continued support of my work, it is much appreciated!:Namaste: Be back soon!
I'm so sorry CM! Get to feeling better soon! Damn this heat! I'm with you and Stone with the occipital neuralgia anc cluster headaches-they suck! Luckily you're awesome!
Hope you have a good local chiropractor for your neck and a solid routine of drinking water to stay hydrated in the heat.

I suffer from severe dehydration from a pituitary issue, so I use an app called Repeat Timer that reminds me to take 4 gulps of water every 15 minutes.

Also suffer from heat exhaustion from a thyroid issue, so I stay out of the heat or I get really lethargic.

So I can relate to your issues and feel for ya brother, hit me up if you want to discuss any of this further.
Sending you lots of love and positive healing energy through the universe :green_heart: :Namaste:
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