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i was just wondering what a cola is,iam i right in saying that its the main part of the plant the yields the most bud,like the main bud,is lt the prize part of ur plant when havisting,also can u cut and trian ur plants to have 1 or more colas,

for example if i cut and trim my plant so it have just 2 main stems will that mean it will have 2 colas ?


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the cola is the "main" part of the plant. It's basically the top of the main stalk. It's by far the biggest "bud" of the plant. You can crop your plant and make it grow 2 or even more cola's. The problem, from my experience anyway, is that the 2 colas will each be smaller then if you let the plant produce just one main cola. I like that big baseball bat cola. There's nothing like it! Anyway, this process is called topping. Topping is a good idea if you are limited in head room. You can cut the top of your plant off causing it to grow 2 colas, cut those colas and now you have 4 and so on. It will cause your plant to become much more bushier instead of taller. A much desired trait when having limited height in your room. Only down fall is you won't get that kickass baseball bat of a cola and you will be doing alot more trimming to clean up all those branches. Hope this helps.


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13 views not 1 reply,this forum is sloooooowwwww

The reason why people are so slow to reacting to yr Q's is because this info is in many books and other post's.

Everyone needs to learn but do yr research first
as many Q's can be found by doing a google search also!
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